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The world is full of diverse cultures and countries, each portraying a unique flag that is flown high with pride. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between, we stock a huge range of world flags made from the highest quality materials. No matter what size flag you seek, you’ll find a tough and durable flag that won’t fade or fray over time at The Flag Shop.
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World flags for sale at The Flag Shop. Buy flags of the world!

At The Flag Shop we have a massive selection of world flags on sale; from The United Kingdom to Australia and everywhere in between, you’ll find the world flag you’re looking for in a range of sizes.

Whether you’re looking for a world country flag, maybe for supporting your country's sporting team or maybe a themed event, our range of high quality world flags are made from the best materials to ensure long lasting durability and wear.

We stock flags in a range of sizes, including small 3ft x 2ft designs, 5ft x 3ft and giant 8ft x 5ft flags, each ideal for every occasion. Let’s start with a few of our best selling world flags for sale…

Asia is home to some of the biggest and most populous countries in the world, with many popular world flags to accompany them. China has one of the most recognisable world flags, which features a simple red design with a large star and four smaller stars in the top left. Adopted in 1949, this flag is popular due to the country's resounding success in each olympic and paralympic games.

India is another popular Asian world flag, flying colours with many different meanings. The orange, white and green design represent courage, sacrifice, peace, truth and faith. The Buddhist chakra in the centre also represents non violence. If you’re looking to buy an India flag, all of our products are made from the highest quality polyester for ultimate durability and long lasting colour.

Europe is also home to some of the most popular world flags, including the Union Jack, the Germany flag and France. Many of Europe’s flags are simple bi or tri coloured designs, all of which look great printed onto high quality materials.

The Union Jack is one of our European world flag best sellers, due to its vast heritage and the fact it’s often seen at events and celebrations, such as Jubilees and the Olympics. The design first dates back to 1801, containing the red saltire of the St Patrick’s flag for Ireland, the saltire of St Andrew for Scotland and the cross of St George for England. This vibrant design is complimented on high quality polyester, which will let the colours remain bright. The Union Jack and other world flags are available in a range of popular flag sizes, including small 3ft x 2ft designs, 5ft x 3ft and giant 8ft x 5ft flags, ideal for every occasion.

Other popular world flags are those from North America and South America. North America’s most famous flags are the United States flag, also known as the stars and stripes and the flag of Canada. If you’re looking for range of world flags for sale, we have a massive range of American flags available in a variety of sizes and styles. When it comes to South America, there are loads of bright and vibrant flags to choose from, including the Brazil flag, the Argentina flag and the Uruguay flag. The vivid colours of each South America flag look great printed onto high quality polyester.

Last but not least, we also stock a massive range of world flags from Australia, including the popular Australian flag and the New Zealand flag, two of the continents best selling world flags. Each Australia world flag, including; Micronesia, Fiji, Kiribati and Guam, all look great printed onto high quality polyester, which will maintain their colour and shape for years with ease.

No matter which world flag for sale you’re looking to buy, keep The Flag Shop in mind for the widest range of high quality flags at the best prices.