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The flag of India is one of the world’s most recognisable flags in the world. The design features three horizontal stripes of saffron, white and green with the Ashoka Chakra in navy blue in the centre of the white stripe. The famous flag was adopted in 1947 and has grown to become iconic. If you want to buy an India flag, check out the range of Indian flags available at The Flag Shop now.
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India flags for sale at The Flag Shop

India is one of the most populous countries in the world, home to around 1.3 billion people; just less than China but over four times as populous as the USA. Located in Asia, India is famed for its unique terrain, which includes the picturesque Indian Ocean coastline as well as the Himalayas. Home to big cities like Mumbai and New Dehli, India is vast and exciting, bursting with culture.

The flag of India is one of the most instantly recognisable flags in the world, thanks to its simple design and being associated with the second most populous country in the whole world. The design features a simple equal horizontal tri colour of orange, white and green topped with a navy blue wheel with 24 spokes in the centre. The national flag of India was adopted in 1947 and has grown to become one of the most famous in the world. The colours of the flag and the symbol in the centre all represent and symbolise peace, as well as faith, trust and chivalry.

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At The Flag Shop, we are a leading supplier of flags across the UK, thanks to our huge range of world flags; including the flag of India. If you’re looking for an India flag for sale, we have the size to suit you. The small 3ft x 2ft India flag is perfect for anyone looking to save space, while the 5ft x 3ft India flag is an all round best seller. If you have loads of room to spare and want a giant flag to really stand out, discover our huge 8ft x 3ft India flag for sale now. Each of our flags is made from high quality polyester, ensuring the bright colours of the India flag truly stand out. Polyester is tough and resilient, but it’s best kept indoors, so make sure you use the grommets to hang it inside instead of out! However, if you’re looking for a tough flag that will last longer, check out our nylon India flag, which is made from tough nylon to make sure you really get your money's worth.

India bunting available from The Flag Shop

If you’re looking to throw a house party or a garden party, bunting will brighten up any area in an instant. No matter what design you seek; whether that be a world country or occasion, we have loads of designs available, including our India bunting. Our India bunting is made from quality polyester and mounted onto a tough polyester string, ensuring ultimate toughness and durability. We have Indian bunting for sale in a range of sizes to suit you, including 3m with 10 flags, 6m with 20 flags and 9m with 30 flags, ensuring you find a set to suit.

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Table flags are the all round decoration, adding a splash of colour and culture to any table top with ease. Whether it’s your work desk or a dining table decoration, an India table flag is guaranteed to spruce it up. No matter what your budget, we have a table flag to suit you. If you’re looking for a cost effective table flag, our budget India table flag is the perfect choice, it’s made from polyester and mounted onto a plastic stand, making it cheap yet strong and visually appealing. However if you’re on a bigger budget, our satin India table flag is more luxurious, with a flag made of satin mounted onto a chrome stand which is adjustable for ultimate functionality and style.

India hand waving flags available

Hand waving flags are ideal for taking along to sporting events to show your support in a crowd. Whether it’s cricket, football or any other kind of sport, make sure you buy an India hand waving flag to stand out from the crowd. Our India hand waving flags are made from polyester and mounted onto tough wooden sticks, meaning they are ultimately tough and strong, so you can wave them as much as you like!

Buy an Indian car flag

Car flags are the perfect way to show support on the move, so why not buy yourself an India car flag to brighten up your car on the move while waving the India flag with pride? The polyester flag is mounted onto a sturdy and tough plastic stand, ensuring no matter how windy it gets, your flag will fly with security and ease.