British Table Flags

Set a festive dinner table for friends and family, or jazz up a party venue when your local club plays with British Table Flags from The Flag Shop! Mix and match your favourite ensigns in unique polyester designs with colourfast, crisp, and vibrant hues from our bumper collection.

The Flag Shop has the biggest, best collection of budget polyester table flags online for your outdoor barbecues, corporate events, sponsored matches, school assemblies, and more. Our huge range of British Table flags features great rates on durable polyester British Isles table flags to make your market stand pop or your restaurant even more authentic. 

Feature Alderney Flags for your local footy club, school, or church fete and let everyone know where you’re from. These buffet polyester table flags, like our Sark Table Flags, Guernsey Table Flags, Jersey Table Flags, Isle of Man Table Flags, and Isles of Scilly Table Flags, pop as gorgeous centrepieces on any celebration table, and brighten up any venue in moments. Printed using The Flag Shop’s signature, professional high-resolution technology, these are a cute, eye-catching way to show off your roots in crisp contrast and full detail. Standing 12 inches or 30 cm high on a plastic stand and optional plastic base, these 6 x 4 inch or 15 by 10 cm wavers serve amazingly as placemarkers for your town hall meeting, business conference, or next to your cash register as guests check out. Make your local roots known with a splash of vivid colours from your home isle!

Set Ascending Direction
  1. Union Jack Table Flag
    Union Jack Table Flag Budget
  2. Scotland table flag
    Scotland Table Flag Budget
  3. England Table Flag
    England St George Table Flag Budget
  4. Ireland Table Flag
    Ireland Table Flag Budget
  5. Wales Table Flag
    Wales Table Flag Budget
  6. Lancashire Table Flag
    Lancashire Table Flag Budget
  7. Black Country Table Flag
    Black Country Table Flag Budget
  8. Union Jack table flag satin
    Union Jack Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  9. Union Jack Crest Table Flag
    Union Jack Crest Table Flag Budget
  10. Cornwall Table Flag
    Cornwall Table Flag Budget
  11. Ireland 4 Provinces table flag
    Ireland 4 Provinces Table Flag Budget
  12. Devon Table Flag
    Devon Table Flag Budget
  13. Dorset Table Flag
    Dorset Table Flag Budget
  14. Somerset table flag
    Somerset Table Flag Budget
  15. Wiltshire Table Flag
    Wiltshire Table Flag Budget
  16. Jersey Table Flag
    Jersey Table Flag Budget
  17. Lion Rampant Table Flag
    Scotland Lion Rampant Table Flag Budget
  18. Gloucestershire Table Flag
    Gloucestershire Table Flag Budget
  19. St George Cross table flag satin
    England St George Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  20. Yorkshire table flag
    Yorkshire Table Flag Budget
  21. Northern Ireland Table Flag
    Northern Ireland Table Flag Budget
  22. Northumberland table flag
    Northumberland Table Flag Budget
  23. Kent Table Flag
    Kent Table Flag Budget
  24. Leicestershire Table Flag
    Leicestershire Table Flag Budget
  25. County Durham Table Flag
    Durham County Table Flag Budget
  26. Norfolk Island Table Flag
    Norfolk Island Table Flag Budget
  27. Flintshire Table Flag
    Flintshire Table Flag Budget
  28. Guernsey Table Flag
    Guernsey Table Flag Budget
  29. UK Royal Standard Table flag
    UK Royal Standard Table flag Budget
  30. Monmouthshire table flag
    Monmouthshire Table Flag Budget
  31. Staffordshire table flag
    Staffordshire Table Flag Budget
  32. Sussex table flag
    Sussex Table Flag Budget
  33. West Riding Table Flag
    West Riding Table Flag Budget
  34. London Table Flag
    City of London Table Flag Budget
  35. Cumberland Table Flag
    Cumberland Table Flag Budget
  36. Isle of Man Table Flag
    Isle of Man Table Flag Budget
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British Table Flags available at The Flag Shop

The Flag Shop’s Union Jack Crest Table Flag is ideal for Royal events, and features the red, white, and blue crosses of Great Britain’s flags behind the royal coat of arms. An unmissable way to make your hotel or cafe stand out to tourists and guests, these come with optional 2-, 3-, or 4-hole bases for creating stylish custom arrangements on tables, desks, or mantle pieces. Also beautiful as visual merchandising accessories in your shop or pub window, these lightweight, compact wavers are ready to fly and come with free UK-wide shipping with your order from The Flag Shop.

Order our classic Budget Union Jack Table Flag to kick off your British Table Flags collection and spice up your bar, club, or pub to welcome back your guests. Printed on durable, tear-proof polyester in colours that won’t fade or fray, The Flag Shop’s bestselling Budget Union Jack Table Flags are designed for quick and simple decorating with a maximum impact! Use these beautiful, full-colour, and mirror-image-printed table flags to draw traffic toward your business, or make your community hall sparkle with the St Andrew’s, St Patricks, and St George’s cross in photo-resolution prints. 

Great value budget St George’s Cross Table flags make dazzling displays come the World Cup, Premier League, Six Nations, or Olympics! A favourite for loyal England supporters, these durable, lightweight table flags are versatile for corporate settings, personal events like weddings, music festivals and concerts, parties, and diplomatic get-togethers. Available with international delivery and free, fast, mainland UK delivery, our St George’s Table Flags are perfect for pairing with your Budget Wales Table Flag, Budget Ireland Table Flag, Budget Scotland Flag, or Budget Union Jack Table Flag as centrepieces at weddings, christenings, and Royal holidays. Ideal for re-use year after year, these fade-proof flags are printed using colourfast dyes and are resistant to bleaching in the sun. When you combine similar-sized British Table Flags, you’ll even receive The Flag Shop’s Multi Buy Discount to save more on your purchase!

Turn up the class with elegant satin table flags from our huge collection of British table-top wavers - our Union Jack Satin Flag is excellent for adding an elegant touch to diplomatic or professional settings. Perfect as a desktop or office ornament, these satin flags measure 9 x 6 inches or 22 cm x 15 cm and come complete with an extending, shiny chrome pole. Wave your flag 10 to 18 inches or 25 to 45 cm above your point of purchase, or greet guests at your reception with a wave - these tear-proof satin wavers come with a wealth of customisation options with your choice of extendable pole, pole and base, or just the flag for wall adornments.