RAF Royal Air Force Flags

At key events such as Remembrance Sunday, a Royal Air Force Flag is a respectful, attractive way to stand in solidarity with the nation’s heroes. The Flag Shop stocks a beautiful range of RAF Royal Air Force Flags for every indoor and outside venue - the perfect way to show support for those who serve and commemorate the fallen. 

RAF Royal Air Force Flags are a classic sign of respect and admiration for those who protect and safeguard the public. Great for hanging around pubs, clubs, homes, offices, shops, or displaying outside venues, the Flag Shop’s RAF Blue Ensign Flag 5Ft X 3Ft can be used on special events or throughout the year in all weathers. With a stunning grey background printed in durable and colourfast dyes on high-quality, weatherproof polyester fabric, each of these popular standard RAF Blue Ensign Flags features the Air Force Blue and Union Jack red and white for a clear and cutting image. 

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  1. RAF Table Flag
    RAF Table Flag Budget
  2. RAF bunting
    RAF Blue Ensign Bunting
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  3. RAF table flag satin
    RAF Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  4. Lest We Forget (RAF) Table Flag
    Lest We Forget (RAF) Table Flag Budget
  5. Lest We Forget RAF Table Flag Satin
    Lest We Forget RAF Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
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RAF Royal Air Force Flags available at The Flag Shop

The centre of these bestselling RAF flags features the Royal Air Force roundel, while the top left corner is a strikingly clear Union Jack, the iconic British national flag. Printed using full-resolution, high-quality prints, these RAF flags come with two metal eyelets that can be used to hang your ensign, and measure 152 cm wide by 91 cm high, or 3 x 5 feet. The Flag Shop will conveniently deliver and ship your Royal Air Force Flags to any address in the UK, as well as overseas, so that you can show your respect from anywhere in the world.

A meaningful way to commemorate on Remembrance Day is with a Lest We Forget RAF Flag, which features an attractive and unique black and white profile of RAF planes that inspires and uplifts. Printed in bright, fade-proof red on the foreground is the iconic poppy symbol, the UK’s timeless symbol of remembrance. Our Lest We Forget RAF Flags are brilliant front-of-shop decorations for all military events and can be displayed outside homes, offices, community halls, and schools as a solidarity symbol in November or throughout the year. Made from resilient polyester with clear-cut prints, these flags are easily folded, transported, and assembled for convenient setup when you’re on the move. 

With table flags, it’s possible to create centrepieces at corporate or private events, as well as set placemarkers at functions and dinners. The Flag Shop’s Budget RAF Table Flag is conveniently lightweight and ideal for professional as well as commercial settings, such as offices, pubs, or restaurants. These can be ordered both with or without the plastic base to meet your requirements, and are quick to assemble for an instantly brighter and event-appropriate venue. Our Budget RAF Table Flags stand 300 mm or 12 inches tall, and the polyester flag measures 6 x 4 inches or 150 mm x 100 mm total, so is well-designed to be a desktop office ornament or at professional meetings. 

Our Budget RAF Table Flags work perfectly alongside our Lest We Forget (RAF) Table Flag at themed events such as gala dinners, charity balls, fundraising auctions, or military awareness campaigns. 

A brighter, more striking impact can be made with a RAF Blue Ensign Hand Waving Flag, which makes these amazing accessories at any outdoor rally, remembrance event, or military parade. Designed to last without fading, tattering, or tearing despite frequent outdoor use, these vibrant blue flags measure 18 x 12 inches or 45 cm x 30 cm and come with a 24-inch or 60 cm lightweight wooden stick for waving. Featuring double-stitched hems for extra durability, The Flag Shop’s Blue RAF Flags make frequent appearances at military parties and patriotic events. A mirror image on the reverse enables the image to be seen from both sides at marches, protests, or gatherings. 

Our catalogue of RAF Royal Air Force Flags also includes durable nylon RAF Flags  for military bases, camps, and more, as well as rope-and-toggle 5 by 4 foot RAF Ensign Flags with a striking gray backdrop for durable outdoor use. For public events and decorating larger out-of-door venues, check out our RAF Blue Ensign Bunting in a variety of lengths for a convenient, easily assembled and easily packed way to brighten any space in RAF colours.