Spain Bunting

Are you hosting a party or event soon that has a Spanish theme? Well, then you need some Spanish bunting to decorate the place! Bunting is an amazing way to bring colour and fun to any event and when you are sporting the Spanish flag everywhere, everyone will know the theme of the day or night. At the Flag Shop, we have a range of Spain bunting that you have got to check out! So, have a look today to find your favourite.

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  1. Spain Bunting
    Spain Bunting
  2. Estelada Blava (Catalan Independence) Bunting
    Estelada Blava (Catalan Independence) Bunting
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  3. Spain No Crest Bunting
    Spain No Crest Bunting
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The national flag of Spain is recognisable with its three horizontal stripes of red, yellow and red. In addition, there is the Spanish coat of arms off-centred towards the hoist and positioned on the bigger yellow stripe. This design was first seen and used as a naval ensign way back in 1785 under Charles III of Spain. He chose this flag from a variety of other designs and it was seen over coastal fortresses and other naval property. Now that it remains the national flag, you can use it at your next special occasion! When you are throwing a Spanish themed partied or international event, you have got to have the bunting to match! With our Spain Bunting, you can add some colour and fun to any venue. The great thing about this bunting is that you can choose what length you would like for your venue. You can select three and nine metres, which will feature 10 or 30 Spanish flags for your party or event. The bunting is made from a quality polyester to make sure that it is durable and can be used indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions. The flags are also sewn onto strong polyester tape so that they can be used again and again at different venues and parties.

If you are a supporter of Catalan Independence, you will perhaps want to fly another flag. This is called the Senyera Estelada, which is an unofficial design that is flown to represent your support of making Catalonia independent. It features yellow and red bars, with a five-pointed star and blue triangle positioned at the hoist. This is sure to make an interesting piece at events and parties! So, why not check out the Estelada Blava (Catalan Independence) Bunting that we have on offer? Of course, you can choose the length of your Catalan Independence bunting so that you can find the perfect place to hang it up. There are three metre lengths that feature 10 flags, as well as six metre length that has 20 flags on it. Now everyone will be able to see your support for Catalan Independence! The flags are made from a durable and long-lasting polyester material so you can fly your bunting anywhere, as well as being sewn onto a strong polyester tape. What are you waiting for? Get ready to join in the fun for any event with The Flag Shop, your number one supplier of quality flags for every occasion!