St Andrews Saltire Flags

Celebrating St Andrew’s Day? Supporting your national team or showing off your colours at a sports event? Our Scottish Flagcollection at The Flag Shop is packed full of exciting, vivid flags in a range of materials and sizes. We have every kind of St Andrews Flagyou could possibly be looking for, so that you can get your celebration started the right way!

All our flags here at The Flag Shop are designed to last; we print hi-resolution designs that won’t quickly fade, disappear, or bleach in the sun. Our polyester, nylon, and satin flags are all of a reliable high quality so that you can concentrate on what’s important - waving! Whether you’re keen to attend a rugby match, school fair, promote your business, or launch an event, we’ve got a gigantic catalogue of different Scottish Flag types for you to bring along with you. Our collection includes Duraflags for outdoor use, Standard Flags for a classic look, Table Flags for parties and bars, Car Flags for when you’re on the go, and beautiful St Andrews Flag buntingin your choice of sizes. Here are some of our special favourite Flags of Scotland!

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  1. Scotland table flag
    Scotland Table Flag Budget
  2. Custom Scotland Flag
    Custom Scotland Flag
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  3. Scotland Bunting
    Scotland St Andrew Bunting
  4. Custom Scotland Flag Navy Blue
    Custom Scotland Flag Navy Blue
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  5. Scotland table flag satin
    Scotland Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
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Scottish flag and St Andrews flag available at The Flag Shop

Sometimes, you want to carry your national colours with you! At parades, rallies, demonstrations, and commemorative events, our Scotland Hand Waving Flags are the perfect item to bring along. Measuring 15 cm x 22 cm, (around 6" x 8.5"), these handy wavers come in packs of 12, complete with their own plastic sticks so you can get started. For those on the move, our Scotland St Andrew Car Flag is also a top choice, measuring 16" x 10" (40 cm x 25 cm) and showing off the bold white cross on a bright blue background on polyester. We provide our car flags with plastic sticks and clips that are ideal for hanging from your car window!

Our Scottish Flag bunting comes in two different sizes so you can decorate your next event or party in no time! Our Giant St Andrews Scotland Bunting stretches out a huge 18.25 metres long (around 60 ft), and includes 30 striking flags of 45cm x 30cm (around 12 inches by 18 inches). Perfect for school halls, bars, outdoor festivals, and sports galas, this giant Scottish bunting has been printed on durable polyester with bright, bold colours that last and last. If you’re holding an event in a smaller venue, our Scotland St Andrews Bunting is highly recommended, and available in three distinct lengths of 3 metres (9.8 ft), 6 metres (19.5 ft), or 9 metres (30 ft). Order in bulk with us, and we at The Flag Shop will give you discounted rates!

If you’re keen to brighten up a venue, impress your guests, or simply bring some life into your workspace, our budget table Scottish Flag is perfect for the job. Sitting easily on a desk, table, bar, or any horizontal surface, these affordable flags are a great addition to any business meeting, dining table, or diplomatic event. These measure a compact 6 x 4 inches (150 mm x 100 mm) and 12 inches tall, making them ideal for indoor use. We also stock stunning a Satin Scottish Flag for your tabletop - with this table St Andrews Flag, you can opt for a flag only, flag and pole, or flag, pole, and base for the whole package. These 9 x 6 inch (22 cm x 15 cm) flags come with a telescoping pole that can be adjusted between 10” and 18” (25 cm to 45 cm), depending on how you feel! 

We also help you design a personal custom printed flag with the blue and white St Andrew’s Cross as a backdrop. With our handy online too, creating your own national flag has never been easier - just upload any .jpg, .png, or text, and we will print your customised Scotland Flag on long-lasting polyester in bold colours that will last for years. Perfect for bespoke messages, brand images, logos, and more, our custom flags are easy to design in very little time. We’ll even deliver them straight to your doorstep It’s time to search for your St Andrews Flag at The Flag Shop today!