St George's Day Bunting

Every April 23, the UK honours its patron Saint, St. George in a flurry of white and red. Whether you are celebrating in the traditional way at the pub or keeping it low key, England’s National Day is a time to pay tribute to the namesake whose cross emblazons the British Flag. At The Flag Shop, you can find gorgeous St George's Day Bunting to mark the occasion, and turn your home or business into a show stopping place of St Georges Day colour!

Conventionally, St Georges Day is a time for markets, feasting, and pub get-togethers. As we commemorate the British Patron Saint’s life on the day of his death, it’s time to show your national pride with a vibrant display of the UK Flag. The Flag Shop’s high-quality St George's Day Bunting is perfect for your April 23 festivities, and we stock a range of lengths that can be hung right away to brighten up your indoors or outdoors.


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    England St George Cross Bunting
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St Georges Day Bunting available at The Flag Shop

Our England St George Cross Bunting is an eye-catching way to grab the attention of anyone passing by. While we may not be celebrating April 23rd in the traditional way this year, many of us will be paying tribute at home with classic British foods and drinks. There’s never been a better excuse for a classic weeknight roast, washed down with a pint of the best! 

The Flag Shop’s great-value England St George Cross Bunting can be ordered online for almost immediate delivery to your UK mainland address, and is available in your choice of compact 3-metre (9.8 ft) or longer 9-metre (30 ft) lengths. 3-metre St Georges Day Bunting fits beautifully into the average indoor room, and makes an exciting, colourful decoration for classrooms, living rooms, office spaces, and more. If you’re having a family dinner to mark the occasion, this durable, vividly painted bunting is a great match with our Union Jack Budget Table Flags, which make for attractive placeholders or centrepieces for your dinner, afternoon tea, or lunch. 9-metre lengths are excellent for use in larger spaces, injecting some life and colour into your festivities at the local club, sports event, or strung outside your place of business to attract passer-bys.

The 3-metre St George Cross England Bunting features 10 6 x 9 inch (150 mm x 230 mm) flags, each crafted from resilient knitted polyester for a longer life. Strong polyester tape stitching offers additional durability to make your bunting a superb long-term investment for use year after year. Ordering a larger amount? We at The Flag Shop will happily discount your products for bigger orders - why not save money and enjoy our bulk discount?

Is a bigger, bolder impact what you’re hoping to make? If you’re looking to dazzle new customers or set a festive mood inside your company, shop, or restaurant, our Giant England St George Bunting will do the trick and get you noticed! Make a splash with this bumper-sized St George's Day Bunting in 18.25-metre (60 ft) lengths and featuring 30 bold red and white flags that span a whopping 45 cm x 30 cm (12 x 18 inches) each. Each flag is printed with the use of advanced high-resolution photo-finish technology, which ensures that your flags stay bold and beautiful in full colour and quality for many years to come. Suitable both for inside usage and outdoor settings, our St George Bunting won’t fade on exposure to sun, wind, or rain. Over time, your flags are designed to last, and high-quality durable polyester prevents unwanted tattering, tearing, or fraying when used out of doors. Perfect for glamming up your shop front, stringing outside your home, or adding an element of cheer to your town hall!

Our St Georges Bunting doesn’t have to be saved for National Day, either! Why not decorate your home or business in style for the Premier League or any upcoming sports event? Paired with The Flag Shop’s Football Club Flags or Football Bunting, your get-together, match, or viewing will be all set for the next big win. Or why not look at our Union Jack Bunting to complete the look and show your support for your national team? 

With free UK mainland delivery and overseas delivery, The Flag Shop is here to help you celebrate in the most colourful way possible!