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Find Welsh flags of all sizes below - ideal for sporting events to support the Welsh team at rugby or football, these Wales flags are premium quality and come in different styles and designs.
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Buy Wales flags at

No one can mistake the Welsh Flag with its eye-catching red dragon passant and bright green and white field. Not only is this flag striking and impressive, but it also has history and it was first used by Henry VII in 1485 at the Battle of Bosworth. Now with The Flag Shop, you can show your support for Wales and fly the flag high with our Welsh Dragon Wales Flag 8ft x 5ft. This huge flag is perfect for showing off and comes with two metal eyelets for easy hanging, featuring the traditional design on quality polyester. It is also available in a smaller 3ft x 2ft size, as well as a 5ft x 3ft flag, which features the famous design and ‘Cymru’ on a red background in white lettering. In addition, our Welsh Flag is also available in a quality 210 denier nylon fabric, which makes it look beautiful, as well as durable for outside use.

Wales Bunting for sale at

If you are searching for patriotic decorations for your house party or to line the streets for a parade, our Wales Welsh Dragon Bunting is perfect. It is made from quality polyester, which is ideal for outdoor use and is available in lengths of 3,6 and 9 metres with multiple flags attached to a line. For even bigger flags, we recommend our Giant Wales Welsh Dragon Bunting to show off your support for the country. It is available in an enormous 18.25 metres in length with 30 flags measuring 12 x 18 inches in size. What better way to support Wales?

Table Flags of Wales available at

For events, meetings or special occasions, our Wales Table Budget Flag will add colour, decoration and fun to any environment. It features the famous 6 x 4-inch Welsh flag on a plastic stick with a base to stand proudly on any surface. We also have a more exclusive Wales Table Satin Flag, which is made from 100% satin material for a fantastic colourful display, complete with a chrome stand and extendable chrome pole.

Car Flags of Wales available at

When you are on the move, whether it is in the UK or abroad, why not take the Welsh flag with you by purchasing a Wales Welsh Dragon Car Flag? The flag is attached to a sturdy plastic stick and comes with a clip for easy hanging from a car window. Now you can proudly fly the flag for Wales on the go!

What better way to prepare to celebrate Saint David’s Day than with a St David’s Cross Wales Flag 5ft x 3ft? This stunning flag is made from quality polyester and features the yellow cross on a black field, paying tribute to the patron saint of Wales. It is also available in a more versatile 3ft x 2ft size, which has two metal eyelets for hanging easily.

Buy Wales Hand Waving Flags

If you are attending a parade or celebration for Saint David’s Day, don’t forget to check out our St David’s Cross Wales Hand Waving Flag. It is the perfect accessory for all of the family to enjoy with an 18 x 12 inch St David’s flag on a 24-inch sturdy wooden stick. As it is made of quality polyester, the colours are vivid and it is clear your love for Wales.

Now you can show your support for Wales all year round with The Flag Shop.