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The flag of the United States of America, or the Star Spangled Banner as it’s colloquially known, is the world’s most recognisable flag. Adopted in 1777, this flag has grown to become instantly recognisable. The 50 stars of the design represent each of the 50 states, while the 13 alternating red and white stripes represent the 13 British colonies that declared the country's independence. If you’re looking to buy a USA flag, The Flag Shop has loads of styles and sizes of the American flag for sale, including; flags, bunting, hand waving flags, car flags and table flags.
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  5. California Table Flag
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  9. Colorado Table Flag
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  10. Alaska Table Flag
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Buy USA – United States flags at theflagshop.co.uk

Whether it is Thanksgiving, Fourth of July or you are hosting an US themed event or party, flags are great as decorations and to add colour. At the Flag Shop, we have the best range of American flags that pay homage to America’s culture, politics, individual States and the country as a proud nation. Browse our collection today to find your favourite and support the Land of the Free.

For a tribute to the United States of America, we recommend the United States USA Flag 8ft x 5ft. This flag is eye catching with its thirteen red and white horizontal stripes and 50 white stars on a blue field. The Star Spangled Banner is also available in a modest 5ft x 3ft size, as well as a smaller 3ft x 2ft size. If you are attending an event, our American Hand Waving Flags are fun for all of the family, as well as the USA Car Flag to show your support on the move. The sturdy plastic stick with a clip simply attaches to your car window and flies proudly in the wind.

For a tribute to Native Americans and the country’s history, we recommend the USA/Indian and Horse Flag 5ft x 3ft with a Native American riding a horse on the Star Spangled Banner design. If you are a big fan of the King of Rock n’ Roll, check out our Elvis USA Flag 5ft x 3ft and for lovers of the old Wild West, the John Wayne USA Flag 5ft x 3ft is perfect. All flags are printed on quality polyester and have 2 metal eyelets for hanging onto a flagpole. We also supply the Confederate Flag 3ft x 2ft, as well as a Hand Flag addition, which features the Stainless Banner design based on the battle flag.  

Everyone around the world follows American politics and now with the Flag Shop, you can play your part with a Republican Party Flag 5ft x 3ft. This features a white background with the famous Republican Party elephant and it is ready to hang with its two brass eyelets. For Democratic Party supporters, we also supply the Democratic Party Flag 5ft x 3ft. This has the traditional Democrat donkey printed in vivid colours on a white background.  

Everything is big in Texas, so why not fly the flag for the famous state with the Texas Flag 5ft x 3ft? This beautiful flag is made from quality polyester and features the blue vertical stripe of loyalty with a white star, as well as two white and red horizontal stripes. For your own personal homage to the Lone Star State, we recommend the Texas Table Flag Budget with its 6 x 4 inch flag, plastic stick and base standing. If you love the Big Apple, we also have the New York Flag 5ft x 3ft with its coat of arms and Excelsior motto and for those that want to support the Sunshine State we supply the Florida Flag 5ft x 3ft and the Florida Table Flag Budget. From the California Flag 5ft x 3ft with its grizzly bear as a symbol of strength to the Washington Table Flag Budget that features the famous President, George Washington, we have a State flag that everyone will love.

If you don’t have a State in mind, why not show your support for all 50 States with the 50 USA States Bunting? This quality polyester bunting is perfect for Thanksgiving or when you are having a US themed event, as it features all of the 50 State flags on a 50 feet polyester tape. Each flag measures 22cm x 15cm. At the Flag Shop, we also have Giant USA United States Bunting, featuring 45cm x 30cm US flags printed with vivid colours, to bring patriotism to any party.

Show your support for the USA with the Flag Shop.