St Davids Day Table Flags

Create a cascade of colour on your celebration table, or kick your business into full festival mode when you brighten up their day with our St David’s Day Table Flags! The Flag Shop’s beautiful Welsh flags are amazing accompaniments to your Feast of St David and the best way to introduce some fun to your celebrations. Printed on woven, durable, and professional knitted polyester for durability or suave satin for an official feel, these cute table-toppers will find the perfect home in your local business come March!

Welcoming friends over for dinner, or checking in guests at your local Cardiff business? Wherever you are, our St David’s Day Table Flags can introduce some national pride and colourful charm to your celebrations. All our St David’s Day Flags come with UK-mainland-wide delivery for free from The Flag Shop and are a snazzy way to decorate your wedding, party, or national day celebration.

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  1. St Davids Cross table flag satin
    St Davids Cross Table Flag Satin
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St David’s Day Table Flags available at The Flag Shop

With a Budget St David’s Cross Table Flag, your festive barbeque, drinks, or dinner can instantly become a themed event. Affordable, compact, and easy to set up with a provided plastic base and pole, these great-value flags can turn your venue into a blaze of colour in no time on a budget. Measuring 6 by 4 inches or 15 cm wide by 10 cm high, these cost-effective party favours, place markers, or desk-top settings stand 30 cm or 12 inches high with a mirror image on the reverse. Use these to design creative centrepieces that impress our guests, or pepper them throughout your venue to give it a local touch. With 2, 3, and 4-hole bases available, the creative possibilities are endless!

Want your Welsh business to stand out in your client’s minds forever? With Satin St David’s Cross Table Flags, everyone will know they’ve experienced the real Wales at your company! These chic, professional accessories come with a chrome base and pole for quick, uncomplicated decorating, and make brilliant St David’s Day Table Flags for themed business meetings, at town or community offices, or even on your dinner table at home. A 9 by 6-inch flag (22 cm by 15 cm) is proudly displayed on a convenient and storable telescoping pole that can be adjusted from (25 cm to 45 cm). Set your St David’s Day Flags 10 inches high for taller desks or 18 inches for market stalls, elbow-high tables in classrooms or bars, and window decorations. Turn your visual merchandising into a vibrant, themed celebration or let your customers know where to find you on March 1st!