Rainbow Table Flags

Colour the world, express your identity, or support the LGBT community with exciting, quintessential Rainbow Table Flags for every workplace, home, and party. Liven up your bar, club, pub, or festival with bright, bold colours in the iconic LGBT rainbow and get in the mood to celebrate diversity in all the colours of the rainbow!

Budget Rainbow Table Flags add mind-blowing pizzazz to parties, on the bar at festivals, or as table-toppers for bars and businesses. An essential for LGBT businesses and during Pride month, as well as throughout the year, Rainbow Table Flags feature red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet stripes in vivid colourfast, fade-resistant dyes and crisp contrasting detail. Printed professionally onto woven polyester for a long life, Budget Rainbow Table flags are a great-value way to inject some pep into your party, and show your solidarity with the LGBT community in your area. These great value festive decorations work beautifully in awareness-raising campaigns and as promotions for Pride events, and comes with or without a handy, lightweight plastic base. With a 6 x 4 inch (150 mm by 100 mm) flag size and compact 12-inch (30 cm) height, these are perfect for gatherings or at any business point of sale. Pair it with a Smiley Face Rainbow Table Flag or Union Jack Budget Rainbow Table Flag for even more oomph!

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Rainbow Table Flags available at The Flag Shop

Make it professional in the office or place of business with a Gay Pride Table Flag in stunning satin. Also amazing for diplomatic or corporate meetings, Gay Pride Table Flags can be ordered with a flag, pole, and base, flag and pole, or flag only. Make your workplace even more gay-friendly or kick off your LGBT event with a bang - these 9 x 6 inch (22 cm x 15 cm) flags are brilliant table toppers, desk adornments, and place markers. Why not arrange them as a centrepiece for your meeting or convention? Available with a telescoping chrome flag pole for varying your flag height between 10 and 18 inches (25 cm to 45 cm).

Our collection of Rainbow Table Flags features instantly recognisable LGBT Rainbow designs in classic polyester and gorgeous satin, for right-now parties and professional shows of support. Decorating your business and setting the mood has never been easier than ordering with The Flag Shop for speedy, worldwide and free UK mainland shipping. Browse your Rainbow Table Flags and deck out your next event with a splash of colour!