Table Flags and Desk Flags

Looking to buy table flags? The Flag Shop has an extensive range of desk flag designs for sale to suit all neeeds; we stock every country flag in the world plus every US State flag, so if you are looking to create a theme at an upcoming wedding reception, why not name your tables with countries & decorate with professional standard vibrant satin table flags complete with a beautiful chrome pole and base. We also stock an extensive collection of LGBT table flags to decorate your Pride party or event...we even have Pirate desk flags; great for kids parties! Whatever the occasion, if you are looking to buy table flags to create a knockout display, look no further than The Flag Shop.
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  1. Union Jack Table Flag
    Union Jack Table Flag Budget
  2. Scotland table flag
    Scotland Table Flag Budget
  3. USA Table Flag
    USA Table Flag Budget
  4. England Table Flag
    England St George Table Flag Budget
  5. Germany Table Flag
    Germany Table Flag Budget
  6. France Table Flag
    France Table Flag Budget
  7. South Africa Table Flag Budget
    South Africa Table Flag Budget
  8. Wales Table Flag
    Wales Table Flag Budget
  9. Ireland Table Flag
    Ireland Table Flag Budget
  10. Italy Table Flag
    Italy Table Flag Budget
  11. Israel Table Flag
    Israel Table Flag Budget
  12. Cayman Islands Table Flag
    Cayman Islands Table Flag Budget
  13. Norway Table Flag
    Norway Table Flag Budget
  14. Switzerland Table Flag
    Switzerland Table Flag Budget
  15. Spain Table Flag
    Spain Table Flag Budget
  16. Malta Table Flag
    Malta Table Flag Budget
  17. Canada Table Flag
    Canada Table Flag Budget
  18. Palestine Table Flag
    Palestine Table Flag Budget
  19. Australia Table Flag
    Australia Table Flag Budget
  20. Morocco Table Flag
    Morocco Table Flag Budget
  21. Confederate Table Flag Budget
    Confederate Table Flag Budget
  22. Lancashire Table Flag
    Lancashire Table Flag Budget
  23. Sweden Table Flag
    Sweden Table Flag Budget
  24. United Nations Table Flag
    United Nations Table Flag Budget
  25. Portugal Table Flag
    Portugal Table Flag Budget
  26. RAF Table Flag
    RAF Table Flag Budget
  27. Red Table flag
    Plain Red Table flag Budget
  28. Austria Table Flag
    Austria Table Flag Budget
  29. Brazil Table Flag
    Brazil Table Flag Budget
  30. Czech Republic Table Flag
    Czech Republic Table Flag Budget
  31. Greece Table Flag
    Greece Table Flag Budget
  32. Holland Table Flag
    Holland Table Flag Budget
  33. Texas Table Flag
    Texas Table Flag Budget
  34. Belgium Table Flag
    Belgium Table Flag Budget
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Buy table flags from The Flag Shop

Table flags are a great way to add colour to an office desk or computer table, they are also the perfect addition to any patriotic centerpiece. If you’re looking to buy a table flag, look no further than The Flag Shop for high quality polyester and satin table flags, the ideal table decoration.

At The Flag Shop, we have a huge range of table flags for sale in a range of designs; from flags of the world to English county flags, American state flags and military flags, as well as Australian and French provinces. Each small flag measures six inches by four inches (155mm x 105mm) with big flags measuring 12 inch by four inch, both are attached to a stand made from black plastic.

Our range of world flag table flags is extensive, including every flag from Afghanistan all the way to Zimbabwe. If you’re looking for a world flag table flag, look no further than The Flag Shop. Other world country flags include; Union Jack table flag, the Germany table flag and the Australia table flag, with every other world country in between. Each world flag design is made from either satin or polyester, guaranteeing quality.

It’s not just world country table flags that we sell, we also have a range of county, province and state flags for sale, so you’ll find a flag to suit your desk with ease. Let’s start with the English county table flags. We stock all the English county flags, including East Anglia, East Riding, Berkshire, Lancashire, Gloucestershire, Essex, Wiltshire and the Yorkshire table flag. Each flag is ideal for adding a touch of history and patriotism to your desk or table, as every English state is jam packed full of heritage.

When it comes to American state table flags for sale, we have all 50 of the American states available. From Alaska to Arkansas, California to Kansas and Mississippi, we have all the US flags available. This included the USA table flag, if you’re not looking for a specific state. Other states include; Hawaii, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho and Iowa.

If you’re looking for an Australian table flag, as well as the main country flag we also sell flags for each of the Australian states and surrounding provinces. These include: Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland and Norfolk Island.

Skull and crossbones table flags are great for children’s party decorations. We have these available in a traditional skull and crossbones design, as well as the skull bandana design.

Other popular designs amongst our table flags for sale are gay pride table flags. Our range of LGBT table flags include; Transgender table flags, Pansexual, A Sexual and the iconic rainbow gay pride table flag. Whether you want to show your support to keep it as a table decoration, these vibrant design make great table flags. No matter what table flag design you seek, you’ll find a table flag for sale at The Flag Shop to suit you. Check out the huge range of satin and polyester table flags available at The Flag Shop now.