Nigeria Table Flags

Looking for Nigeria Table flags to make your business stand out? Or want to create a national day display that’s a burst of patriotic green and white? With The Flag Shop’s beautifully designed Nigeria Table Flags, you can fly your country’s iconic flag where it won’t be missed on your table, desk, reception, or window! 

Our Nigeria Table Flags are amazing decorations for creating stunning centrepieces at family dinners, formal events, or even in your store window. Available with your choice of flagpoles and bases, in various materials, our table flags come with free UK-wide shipping and a discount when you order similar-sized flags in bulk.

Our Budget Nigeria Table Flag is a great value table adornment for creating patriot placeholders or giving a Nigerian theme to special events like christenings, weddings, parties, and more. If you’re selling Nigerian goods, food, or services, they’re a brilliant way to stand out as an authentic shop or business! Featuring the country’s official standard in crisp green and white, these brilliantly affordable table flags are printed onto knitted 115 gsm polyester and come with their own base for standing your flag up on any flat surface. These 6 x 4 inch (15 cm x 10 cm) tabletop wavers use colourfast dyes to look brand new for longer and can be flown indoors or outdoors without tearing, fading, or running.

Why not add the green and white to your window, or show off your Nigerian pride with a mantlepiece display on National Day?

For a sophisticated place marker at business meetings, diplomatic events, or formal dinners, our Satin Nigeria Table Flag is the way to go. These crisp, shiny satin flags are slightly larger than our Budget Nigeria Flags at 9 x 6 inches (22 cm x 15 cm) and display the official Nigeria flag on a stylish chrome base. For a wonderful range of decorating possibilities, the chrome flagpole of these elegant wavers can be extended from 10 inches to 18 (25 to 45 cm), allowing you to create stunning designs for window displays, as part of advertising, or at official conferences, conventions, and events. To save even more on your satin Nigeria Table Flags, you can combine them with other similar-sized Satin Table Flags from our collection to enjoy our Multi-Buy Discount. Create a show of support for the Olympics, or theme your festivities on holidays, birthdays, and more!

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