Events & Occasions

Events & Occasions

We have flags for every occasion here at The Flag Shop. Whether you are looking for an Australia flag or Australian bunting for your Australia day party, Six Nations flags and bunting for the 2013 tournament, or Irish flags for St Patrick's day, The Flag Shop has it all. From patriotic days such as St David's day and St George's day, to celebrations including Armed Forces day, The Flag Shop is the place to buy flags.
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Need a flag for an event or a occasion come to the

Christmas, Birthdays, Halloween, St Patrick's Day; the on going list of annual holidays is endless…

Instead of brushing it off as another day, why not buy a flag to celebrate each occasion? Available in an array of sizes, styles and designs, all our flags are made from the highest quality materials for ultimate longevity. After the New Year slump and Valentine’s Day passing, St Patrick’s Day falls in early March. Renowned across the UK as an excuse to drink during the day, St Patrick’s Day is actually a cultural and religious celebration of the patron saint of Ireland, which first started way back in the 17th century.

However you decide to celebrate St Patrick's Day, why not buy a flag to mark the occasion? At The Flag Shop, we have a range of St Patrick’s Day flag designs to help you show your pride in Ireland.

Our most popular Irish flag is the Shamrock Flag, an image which often depicts Ireland, as well as St Patrick’s celebrations. Available in various sizes, our shamrock flags are made from the highest quality polyester.As St Patrick’s Day is often linked with drinking and partying, we also have a St Patrick’s Day Beer Flag available, great for decorating any themed house or garden party. We also have various bunting designs available.

Closely after St Patrick’s Day falls Easter, another big Christian celebration. If you’re planning on an Easter egg hunt or maybe a slap up roast with the family, why not buy a Happy Easter flag to decorate your home and further the celebrations. The Happy Easter flag is vibrant and colourful, and thanks to the high quality polyester our flags are made from.

Throughout the year, there’s always a birthday bash or two to throw. If you’re planning a surprise party for someone you know, why not invest in a Flag Shop flag to help the festive decorations? We have a range of milestone birthday flags available from 18 all the way up to 70. Available in flags and bunting, buy a flag to help show you care.

Each Happy Birthday flag is made from high quality polyester, meaning you can celebrate years of birthdays with the right flag care… So no matter who’s birthday it is, you can hang up your flag to help celebrate!

However, before a birthday comes a birth. If you know someone expecting a new addition to the family, why not buy a flag to welcome them into the world. We have It’s a Boy and It’s a Girl flags available, complete with traditional stork designs in baby blue and baby pink.

Throughout summer, many cities across the UK host pride events to show support for the LGBT community. These weekend long party events bring everyone together; from concerts to street parties, the bright and vibrant events light up each city.

If you’re a fan of attending pride events and would love a unique way to show your support and pride, why not buy a pride flag? We have a range of pride designs available; from the traditional and iconic rainbow flag to the Born This Way flag and the Transgender flag, we have a range of bold designs available.

Halloween, although an American tradition, has become massive in the UK over past years. If you want a unique way to welcome Trick or Treaters or maybe throw your own spooky Halloween bash, why not take a look at our range of spooky Halloween flags?

From the vampire flag to the pumpkin bunting, you’ll have your Halloween decorations looking spooky in no time. We have a range of flags with the Happy Halloween slogan on, accompanied by an array of Halloween creatures.No matter what your plans, buy a polyester Halloween flag to decorate your party.

After Halloween is over, it’s time for Christmas… If you’re planning a Christmas party or maybe just inviting the family around for some festive celebrations, buy a Christmas flag to decorate and spread the Christmas spirit. At The Flag Shop, we have a range of Christmas flag designs available; from classic Santa designs to more religious and traditional ones, you’ll find an xmas inspired flag to suit you.