Historical British Military Flags

The Flag Shop’s bumper collection of Historic British Military Flags includes classic favourites, best-selling designs, and essential army adornments at great prices. With free UK mainland delivery, speedy shipping, and bulk buy discounts, our collection includes everything you need to fill your collection or decorate your military base in true British style. 

Every one of our flags is printed using top-quality, photo grade, hi-resolution techniques and technology to ensure your flags remain as vivid and crisp as new for as long as possible. The Flag Shop’s Historic Military Flags are printed on polyester weave for maximum durability in every weather, and are great for indoor and outdoor use. 

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Historical British Military Flags available at The Flag Shop

The Naval Ensign White Flag is a bestseller for decorating Navy bases, shipyards, marinas, and even seafront cafes and hotels. At port, or out at sea, these show-stopping ensigns are hard to miss and feature the iconic St George’s Cross in clean, crisp white and vibrant red. In the top right hand corner, these Historic British Military Flags display the Union Jack in its full glory - a beautiful display of national pride and respect for the Royal Navy. Fly these beautiful standard flags on Remembrance Day, at your military base, at army shows, or outside your museum or home to draw in visitors and promote your event. Every standard flag measures 5 by 3 ft and comes complete with durable metal eyelets for quick and uncomplicated hanging. 

A beautiful addition to any Navy Flag collection is the Naval Ensign Red Squadron Flag, or Meteor Flag, also at a convenient standard-sized 5 by 3 ft for the front of bases, outside military headquarters, and at any event such as a parade, rally, or commemorative event. This red military flag is crafted from polyester fabric that won’t wear or rip with frequent use in the wind and rain. Designed to last for years without fading or fraying, this Navy essential is easy and quick to hang from any standard flagpole. 

For a smaller Historic British Military Flag, the Flag Shop’s smaller Red Ensign Colonial Flag is a lightweight option measuring 3 ft by 2 ft. Order these great value timeless ensigns in bulk, from anywhere in the world, and your purchase will be discounted for even more savings. These convenient, easy-fold flags can easily be packed into a backpack or luggage and can be transported anywhere for use as hand flags when you’re out and about. 

Our Historic British Military Flags collection includes Jack & Admiral of the Fleet Flags with stunning blue, white, and red Union Jack crosses - St George’s, St Andrew’s, and the red saltire of St Patrick for Ireland. This Royal Navy flag is instantly recognisable and an unmissable addition to any collection of Historic Military Flags - while also doubling as a British flag at events where a national flag is essential! 

The Flag Shop stocks timeless, signature White Ensign flags for any collection or promotional event. At home, or at military gatherings, the White Ensign is a fixture in clear white with the St George’s cross in the top left corner. Typically worn on the clothing of crew running ships and submarines, this classic ensign is a beautiful polyester standard flag that can be flown high from the mast in even the stormiest conditions at sea!

No Historical Flags collection is complete without a Command Flag, which features sharp designs and a clear bright red backdrop. Emblazoned with vibrant colours that are printed in crisp photo quality, this Command Flag can be used practically and as an inspirational themed addition to your next military gala or commemorative get-together. This flag measures 5 by 3 ft and comes with two metal eyelets. Made from polyester and reinforced with polyester tape for additional strength, this red, yellow, and very British decoration is perfect for boats, shipyards, marinas, and riverside restaurants.

At The Flag Shop we ship all your flags worldwide, complete with any flagpoles, parts, and pieces you order so that you can get waving right away. If you’re keen on a certain Historical British Military Flag, but would like to add your own customisations, we print your designs from any PNG, JPG, or common desktop file. Browse our catalogue of Military Flags and get started today!