Spain Table Flags

Stand out from your fellow restaurant owners, or jazz up your office workspace with The Flag Shop’s stylish Spain Table Flags. With a range of sizes and plenty of creative possibilities, you’re in the right place for all your decorating and festive needs!

If you’re looking to make an impact and showcase your Spanish heritage for all the world to see, The Flag Shop has beautiful, durable, and superb-value Spain flags and free UK-wide delivery to get you started. Our Budget Spain Table Flags are an amazing option for all kinds of commercial and private venues and are printed using woven, high-grade, durable polyester for decorating out-of-door as well as indoor settings. 

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Spain Table Flags available at The Flag Shop

Each Budget Spain Table Flag can be displayed as is, as a quick and convenient place marker, or can be combined with other nifty World Table Flags to create a unique, gorgeous centrepiece that will light up any conference, celebratory dinner, or sports event. Meeting friends to watch the Euro 2020, or cooking up a storm for National Day? At 12 inches tall and with each pennant spanning 6 by 4 inches, these Spain Table Flags can quickly be sprinkled across a window ledge, on a reception desk, or by a guest’s bedside table for an authentic touch of Iberia!

Looking for something with a little more flair and class? Our Satin Spain Table Flags are specially designed to suit the gambit of professional, commercial, and diplomatic settings! Show your guests, friends, colleagues, or clients exactly where your heart lies with these silky, elegant, and sophisticated table decorations printed in durable satin and standing 10-18 inches above your table. Ideal as workspace adornments, or peppered around your party, these work just as beautifully as corporate accessories at formal meetings, conferences, and expositions. 

Our Satin Spain Table Flags measure a compact 6 inches high and measure 9 inches across for maximum visibility and use The Flag Shop’s professional colourfast dyes to keep your product from fading in sunlight, rain, wind, or hail. These great-value decorating essentials add a splash of vibrant red and gold to indoor office venues and serve just as brilliantly when used as decorative placeholders at conventions, summits, weddings, or family gatherings. With a telescoping chrome base and a range of options for customisation, our long-lasting, lightweight Spain Satin Table Flags pack up neatly for storage or transport if you’re bringing them with you on the go.