British Isles

Show how proud you are of your roots with amazing value British Isles Hand Waving Flags and free UK-wide shipping. With The Flag Shop’s British Isles Hand Wavers, getting noticed for all the right reasons has never been so easy!

Here at The Flag Shop, you can shop gorgeous British Isles Hand Waving Flags in durable, outdoor-ready, knitted 115 gsm polyester. Bold, vibrant, and fun in full-resolution thanks to our advanced professional flag printing technology, our lightweight flags are perfect for match day, music festivals, concerts, parties, promotions, and more! With Sark, Guernsey, Jersey, and Isle of Man flags for all occasions to choose from, you can pair our same-sized British Isles flags to save even more when you order in bulk.

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British Isles Hand Flags available at The Flag Shop

Proud of your Channel Islands roots? A Guernsey Hand Waving Flag will say it all for you in a cascade of gorgeous, lively colour! Our Guernsey Hand Waving Flags are professionally crafted from woven polyester and reinforced with double-stitched hems to give your white, red, and gold waver the maximum impact when you’re out and about! Measuring 12 inches by 18 inches or 45 by 30 cm, The Flag Shop’s Guernsey Hand Wavers are super-effective ways to get spotted at carnivals, fetes, or parades, and make cost-effective promotional handouts for advertising your business! Shipped to your doorstep with our nationwide delivery - or internationally if you’re abroad - these full contrast ensigns feature the St George’s Cross and signature gold cross on a sharp white background. Like all our British Isles Hand Waving Flags, this iconic symbol of the isles comes with a 24-inch stick that will turn heads when you’re out and about waving!

With a fade-proof, polyester Jersey Hand Waving Flag, there’s no room for doubt about where you hail from! Support your stunning Atlantic island with the official seal of the island, proudly displayed on a crisp white field emblazoned with the red saltire. Our colourfast, double-stitched Jersey Hand Wavers are the ideal way to turn footsteps toward your stall at markets or turn heads at a summer festival, and a brilliant accessory for match days when you’re cheering on your local football team! Jersey Hand Waving Flags are lightweight and easy to fold away into the average backpack or large handbag and can be brought along to outdoor events for a splash of colour and cheer. These feature a mirror image on the reverse to amplify your impact, and come with a 24-inch wooden stick for waving around at celebrations, marches, military shows, and everything out of doors!

Also available in our Multi-Buy discount, which gives you a discount on all same-sized flags ordered in bulk, our Isle of Man Hand Waving Flag is available with fast, free shipping to all Mainland United Kingdom addresses. With this striking red and white waver, your parties can have instant added pizzazz and your customers will know that your products and services have an authentic local touch! The Flag Shop’s Isle of Man Hand Waving Flag gives you 18 by 12 inches of full-resolution colour, detail, and contrast, and features the official triskelion crest of the island on a sharp, colourfast background printed in professional dyes. To keep your flag looking bold, exciting, and head-turning for longer, the Isle of Man Hand Waver is printed with vivid, fade-proof professional dyes that won’t run or bleach in sunlight. In other words, they’re ideal for outdoor use come rain or shine.

With a Sark Hand Waving Flag, supporting your Channel Islands footy side takes on a whole new meaning! A crimson St. George's cross is displayed in full contrast and finished with the red canton in professional prints. Two golden lions in high-resolution make this flag unmistakable at crowded events, and give your advertising campaign some extra pep at packed market venues, expositions, outdoor festivals, and parades! Our Sark Hand Waving Flag can be combined with the Isle of Man Hand Waving Flag, Guernsey Hand Waver, or Jersey Flag in larger quantities to give your budget even more mileage, making these British Isles Hand Waving Flags a great value way to liven up large events and venues. Printed in run-resistant dyes on durable 115 gsm polyester knit, these lightweight hand waving flags can be shipped worldwide or anywhere in the UK mainland for free.