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Looking to be seen, heard, and remembered at the next big festival, when it finally comes around? Or even...just found by the right people among the crowd? We’ve got the festival poles for all goals here at The Flag Shop to help you out, and we’ll make sure you’re never missed!

By buying a flag pole, you can use it to set a checkpoint for your campsite, allowing your flag to fly high above the tents so none of your group get lost. At The Flag Shop, we have a huge range of festival flag poles available in a range of sizes to suit you, as well as all the flag designs and custom prints you can think of.

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Telescopic pocket poles for sale

 Whether you’re travelling on a motorbike or just short of space in your luggage, a Telescopic 2.7m Pocket Pole is the perfect accessory for you, saving space while still providing the same high quality performance as our other flagpoles. This pocket sizes pole is 2.7m when it is stretched out, allowing you to showcase your flag easily wherever you go, without being weighed down by heavy equipment. This convenient festival pole is just £10.98 and measures just 41cm when folded, making it the ideal space saving item to help you fly your flag at any festival this summer.

 If you’re looking for a slightly bigger pocket pole for sale, try out out Telescopic 4.1m Pocket Pole. Made from tough GPR, this pole is small yet effective, folding up into a compact size of just 50cm. No matter how much you have to pack, this compact festival flag pole will take up minimal room while ensuring that when it’s unfolded, it will get your flag seen with ease, whether than be in your campsite or in a crowd.

Telescopic flag poles available at The Flag Shop

 If you don’t need a space saving flag pole, we have tonnes of telescopic flag poles for sale in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. No matter what type of flag you’re looking to fly high, you’ll find a pole for you at The Flag Shop. starting with the smallest, our Telescopic 3m Flag Pole folds up to just 1.15m, although it’s not a space saver it still offers convenience. These flagpoles are great for our classic flag varieties, as well as windsocks and banners, so you have a wide choice of products to choose from that will be compatible with your new telescopic flag pole. These flagpoles are amazingly tough and durable, they also come with a cap on the bottom so you can either carry them around with the cap on or take it off in order to stick your flagpole into the ground firmly. No matter what you have planned for your festival festivities, make sure you bring along a flag pole to add to the fun!

 Then next size flag pole up from the 3m is the 4m Telescopic Flag Pole which also folds up to a compact length of 1.15m. Like all of our other poles this flagpole is tough, durable and strong, guaranteed to beat off the wind and other elements with ease. If you’re looking for a longer flagpole to elevate your flag further, check out our 5m Telescopic Flag Pole and our 6m Telescopic Flag Pole. All of these telescopic flag poles fold up to help you carry them around with ease, allowing you to pack it away while you travel without it getting in the way.


 On top of our flagpoles, remember that The Flag Shop is a leading supplier of flags in the UK, offering a massive range of world flags, occasion flags and custom flags for you to choose from and enjoy. If you’re hitting a festival this summer, make sure you take a look at our variety of festival flags for sale, including loads of quirky smiley face flag designs. For all your flag and flag pole needs, theflagshop.co.uk is always here to help - you won’t be disappointed by the amazing prices and quality of products on offer. What are you waiting for? Buy flags today!

Looking to be seen, heard, and remembered at the next big festival? Or even...just found by the right people among the crowd? We’ve got the festival poles for all goals here at The Flag Shop to help you out, and we’ll make sure you’re never missed!

If you’re attending an outdoor music festival, demonstration, party, or get-together, festival poles are a must-have. While a great flag goes a long way, there’s no way to get your colours and message seen without a way of showing it above the crowd! In our assortment of flag poles for festivals, you’ll find a range of solutions for events big and small - we’ll help you keep that flag firmly secured in the ground, and safe from the wind and mud.

As any seasoned festival-goer will know, a telescoping flag pole goes a long way. When transporting flags across the country or on public transport, it’s important to keep it protected from damage that can cause tearing or ripping. Telescoping flag poles, which come in a range of sizes and lengths, make that journey much easier by saving you space in your baggage and lightening your precious cargo at the same time.

With a 4-metre festival flag pole, for example, an unwieldy, heavy, and impractical flag support can be reduced to a fraction of its original length. At the same time, it unpacks quickly and easily once you reach your site, ensuring that you can fly your windsocks and spinners as high as you like without carting heavy items around or paying for excess luggage. While designed to allow flag-flying at an eye-catching 4 metres height, these telescoping festival flagpoles pack down to an easy 1.15 metres, which fits beautifully into a car boot or back seat. The base end diameter of these convenient flag poles is approximately 26 mm, for a firm grip in the soil or grass!

It’s possible to fly your flag higher, or lower if you’re pressed for vertical space! Available in a variety of lengths, our Festival Poles come in a shorter 3 metre festival pole model, as well as 5-, 6-, and even 10-metre options for making the biggest possible impact. All The Flag Shop poles are finished with a final section crafted from solid glass fibre, enhancing their durability and ensuring a much longer life for your flag accessories. Securing your festival pole down is also quick and painless; these poles unscrew easily using a specialised pole end cap, then they can be conveniently placed over a secure pole stake or stick.

Finally, pocket poles are another foolproof way to pack away your paraphernalia when space is truly tight. Developed especially to fit compactly inside a backpack or pocket, a handy pocket pole is the festival-goer’s best friend. Crafted from the same tough materials as our regular festival flagpoles, they’re lightweight and a great solution for those travelling by bike, foot, or anyone who’s really on the hop. Like all our other poles, these come with your choice of add-on accessories to complete your kit, such as our pole stakes and bags, or flag bungees for any wavers you’ve ordered. Why not cut your load and carry your pole in your pocket?

Here at The Flag Shop, you can quickly find, choose, and order from hundreds of flags to adorn - or bring along to - your next big event. As your one-stop shop for vivid, eye-catching flags, we’ve got everything from convenient, portable hand flags,, to versatile table flags that look brilliant on a desktop. Our flags come in a giant range of different sizes, bright colours, and professional designs, and include everything from World Flags for every nation, to football club flags for footy fans! 

Always crafted from the highest-grade nylon, satin, or polyester, our huge catalogue includes a durable, affordable range of flags to adorn your telescoping festival pole at the next outdoor gathering you attend. Designed to withstand inclement weather, as well as the hustle and bustle of transport, everything from our Custom Flags to our bunting also can be protected with The Flag Shop’s massive array of flagpole bags and sleeves

With everything you need to show your colours, why not browse our bumper flag collection today?