New Zealand Table Flags


Sick of searching for unique ways to jazz up your ANZAC day celebrations? Look no further than The Flag Shop’s striking range of professionally-printed New Zealand Table Flags. With amazing value woven polyester and satin ornaments to choose from, you’ve got everything you need to decorate a stand-out venue in the red, white, and blue!

Our Budget New Zealand Table Flags showcase the Southern Cross in full photo-quality resolution using fade-resistant, unmissable professional colours and high-grade prints. Printed professionally with our specialised flag-printing technology, your flags are designed to festoon your dinner table with unique contrast and sharp detail! Budget New Zealand Flags feature the islands’ official national flag in deep, colourfast blue, red, and white, and are made from durable polyester with a 125-gsm weave. To ensure a longer life and prevent tattering, these desk toppers, dinner table adornments, or celebratory place holders are reinforced with polyester hems. Every flag can be set up and moved easily, giving you full creative control over your themed venue, and stows away nicely in a standard drawer, wardrobe, or box when not in use. On your work desk, lining your bar, or jazzing up your post-game party, these cost-effective accessories are a must-have for Kiwi celebrations!

Buy high-quality, stunningly bright New Zealand Table Flags for your workspace, home, or club? Check out our stunningly bright, high-quality polyester and satin New Zealand flags for some instant pizzazz! 

With The Flag Shop’s Satin New Zealand Table Flags, you’ve got a brilliant way to add a patriotic touch to all your formal and official events! If you’re looking for a sophisticated accessory to put on your work desk or a table top decoration for your boardroom, these table flags are an elegant decoration for all kinds of venues. These 6 inch by 9 inch flags are stupendously versatile and can be used in centrepieces, as dining table place markers, or fun decorations in professional venues. Supplied with a telescoping 10 inch to 18 inch chrome flagpole, New Zealand Satin Table Flags can be height adjusted to create breathtaking focal pieces on window ledges, shop checkouts, and more. Perfect for decorating sports clubs, community or town halls, wedding receptions, and even formal mixers! 

Want to 10x your sales with an even more eye-catching business? You can decorate all kinds of venues easily with our Budget New Zealand Table Flags, which look stunning along bars, on diners’ tables, or at your point of purchase. Our budget NZ Table Flags give you a brilliant way to set the mood for themed events such as Sevens games screenings, the 2024 Olympics Opening Ceremony, World Cup, and more. These affordable wavers all proudly display the New Zealand flag on 115 gsm polyester, and are printed digitally for a crisp finish.

Popular uses for our Budget New Zealand flags include decorating classrooms for ANZAC Day projects, showing your support for the All Blacks during the Sevens, or throwing themed parties at home on the Queen’s Birthday! Each flag is 10 cm by 15 cm in size, roughly 6 inches by 4 inches, and can be ordered in bulk for a huge discount. Supplied with their own black plastic flagpole and base, they’re easy to set up on any flat surface, and printed with colourfast, bleach-resistant dyes to prevent fading with outdoor use. 

Looking for more great New Zealand Flags to fly on on ANZAC Day? Check out our gigantic array of full-sized flags, including the popular New Zealand All Blacks Flags in our huge online collection. Order today for free delivery within the UK or speedy worldwide delivery to anywhere!

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New Zealand Table Flags available at The Flag Shop

Turn up the volume and get your business noticed in a professional setting with Satin New Zealand Table Flags that work beautifully for formal occasions. These can be used as wedding decorations as placeholders, or just work as amazingly at sales conventions to make your business stand out. Completed with a secure, lightweight chrome pole that telescopes from 10 inches to 18 inches tall, these are versatile decorations that can brighten up any business setting such as an office space, corporate meeting, or sales pitch. These satin flags measure 6 inches by 9 inches in size and are printed on The Flag Shop’s specially-designed professional templates that won’t rip, fray, or tatter with repeated use. These great-value wavers come in a variety of base, pole, and flag-only combinations to give you a wide range of decorating possibilities. Each satin flag can be flown desk-height as is, or combined using The Flag Shop’s 2- or 3-hole bases into centrepiece decorations for dinners, conferences, conventions, or point-of-purchase visual merchandising. When you order in bulk, we ship your flags conveniently to you for free in the UK mainland, so you can get decorating and start your celebrations in no time!