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The flag of Italy is another one of Europe’s most recognisable flags. Similar to many flags, the Italian flag consists of a simple vertical tri colour design, featuring green, white and red. Adopted in 1946, the Italian flag is instantly recognisable. If you want to buy a flag of Italy, check out the huge range available at The Flag Shop today.
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Italy flags for sale at The Flag Shop

Italy, also known as the Italian Republic, is one of the most populous countries in Europe, home to some of the best tourist cities in the world, including Rome, Venice and Florence. Known as the country shaped like a boot, Italy is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, bordering France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and San Marino.

The flag of Italy is one of the most instantly recognisable flags in the world, consisting of a popular vertical tri colour design feature green, white and red pales. The current Italian flag was adopted in 1948, but was in use since 1946 - it has been reported to have been used as far back as 1794. In the modern day, the Italian flag is up there with the most popular flags, recognised by people around the world.

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Whether you’re throwing an Italian-themed party or maybe supporting the national team in an upcoming sporting event, buying a flag is the perfect way to show your support for the Italian Republic. At, we have a huge variety of Italy flags for sale to suit you, ranging from standard flags that measure 5ft x 3ft flags, giant 8ft x 5ft Italy flags to small 3ft x 2ft flags. Each of our flags is made from quality polyester, meaning the vibrant green, white and red design stands out effortlessly. We also stock nylon Italy flags for sale, perfect for long lasting use at a range of events - nylon flags are double stitched and dye printed for extra toughness.

Italy bunting for sale at the Flag Shop

Bunting is the ultimate party decoration, perfect for adding a splash of colour to any event, whether that be a garden party or a street party. At The Flag Shop, we have quality Italy bunting for sale to suit you, available in a range of lengths. We stock 3m with ten flags, 6m with 20 flags and 9m with 30 flags, so no matter how much bunting you need, you’ll find a product to suit. The Italy flag also features in the majority of our bunting sets, including rugby, World Cup and Eurovision Song Contest.

Buy an Italy table flag

Table flags are the perfect decoration to brighten up your desk, or even use as a centrepiece for an upcoming dinner party. At The Flag Shop, we sell two types of Italy table flags - budget and satin. Our budget Italy table flag is ideal for anyone looking for a cheap option that still incorporates quality. This flag is fitted onto a sturdy plastic base and is made from polyester to make sure the colours are vibrant. Our satin Italy table flag better suits those with a higher budget, as the satin flag is mounted onto a shiny chrome stand for a high-standard finish.  

Italy car flags

To show support on the move, maybe if you’re on the way to a national football match, why not buy an Italy car flag? This flag measures 40cm x 25cm and is made from high quality polyester to allow the vivid green, white and red design stand out on the move.