Scotland Table Flags

The Flag Shop’s Scotland Table Flags have you covered for every patriotic occasion, whether you’re decorating the dinner table for Burn’s Night or cheering your favourite team to a win at Six Nations! Our vividly coloured, brilliantly cost-effective table flags are a quick and simple way to add life to any party. Available in a massive range of eye-catching designs, materials and sizes, there’s no reason not to get patriotic with a nifty Scottish table topper!

Our Scotland Table Flags are durable, hard-wearing, and perfect for a huge array of uses, from cute desk ornaments for your workspace to jazzing up your pub, bar, or restaurant on St. Andrew’s Day. Crafted from wear-resistant polyester and printed with vibrant professional dyes, they’re run-resistant and ideal for repeated use. Available with free UK-wide delivery, you can even pick and mix our same-sized flags for a discount on your total order!

Our Budget Scotland Table Flag is a favourite for private parties, decorating venues, and as placeholders at events such as weddings, christenings, and birthdays. These lightweight budget flags feature the St. Andrew’s Saltire in deep blue and crisp white, on knit 115 gsm polyester for a tear-proof template that lasts. So that you can set them up instantly on your window sill, mantlepiece, or boardroom table, our Budget Scotland Table Flags come on a convenient optional plastic base that stands 12 inches (30 cm) high. Amazing alongside our equally popular Scotland Lion Rampant Table Flag Budget, Budget Scotland Table Flags measure 6 x 4 inches (150 mm x 100 mm) and look splendid when combined as centrepieces. 

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Scotland Table Flags available at The Flag Shop

Add a splash of national pride to your shop window, hotel reception, or bar with our dazzling blue and white Satin Scotland Table Flags - the perfect accessories when you’re after something elegant! Our Satin Scotland Table Flags are a classy-looking, shiny alternative to our Budget Flags, making them well-suited for formal dinners, receptions, business meetings, and mock UN meetings. Like our other Satin Table Flags, these glossy wavers are crafted from high-grade satin and measure 9 x 6 inches (22 cm x 15 cm) in the template. These can be ordered with an optional flag, pole, and base for a ready-to-go desktop setup or placeholder, or simply with a pole for waving as hand flags. Or create dazzling wall displays for the classroom when you order just the flag!

Another gorgeous Scotland Table Flag in our collection, our Satin Scotland Lion Rampant Table Flag wouldn’t look out of place at Balmoral! Printed in vibrant gold and red for a hi-resolution photo quality image, these stunning tabletoppers look excellent when combined to create centrepieces. Available with optional 2, 3, or 4-hole bases, these can be ordered with a stylish telescoping flagpole for designing unique displays. Why not arrange an eye-catching Scottish-themed visual merchandising campaign for your shop’s point of purchase? Or make your stall or booth stand out in a busy fete, fair, or sale? Satin Scotland Lion Rampant Table Flags can be flown anywhere between 10 to 18 inches (25 cm to 45 cm) and come with free UK delivery when you order with The Flag Shop.

Show off your Shetland roots with The Flag Shop’s popular Budget Shetland Islands Table Flag, and feature the white and blue of your native isle in your business, home, or office! These durable little Shetland Islands Table Flags are wonderful ways to show off your wares as the real deal if you’re selling at a crowded farmer’s market, and a must when you’re backing your local football team. Featuring the white Nordic cross on a crisp blue background, these great value wavers come on a 30 cm plastic stand. When you order your Shetland Islands Table Flags in bulk, you’ll even get The Flag Shop’s discounted rate for large orders.

Let passers-by know where you’re from with our Budget Edinburgh Table Flag Budget or Orkney Table Flag Budget, even broadcast your Highland pride with our Budget Caithness Table Flag! When you combine our satin flags or polyester table flags together, you can save even more on your Scottish-themed decorations. With vivid colours that won’t bleach, run, or fade, you can create a cascade of patriotic hues for your St. Andrew’s Day party or Burn’s Night!