British Flags

Rally your home country’s team to success and let them know you’re behind them! With The Flag Shop’s British Flags in hand, you’ll have everything you need to say it loud for Team GB at the next Olympics!

Cheer along with the roaring crowds at the next Six Nations game with a bright, bubbly St Andrew’s Saltire Hand Waving Flag in hand; our vivid, crisp dyes will scream out your support in clear contrast and a cascade of colour. These gorgeous flags are popular at rugby matches home and away, as well as football games like Premier League matches and Euro 2021 events. Bring your lightweight St Andrew’s Saltire Scotland Hand Waver along on sightseeing tours around the big city, and make sure your visitors can spot you among the Edinburgh crowds. The Flag Shop’s St Andrew’s British Hand Waving Flags are durable for outdoor, repeated use and won’t tatter, rip, or become damaged in heavy wind.

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British Hand Flags available at The Flag Shop

Arm your local footy club with vivid Wales Welsh Dragon Hand Wavers from our British Flags collection when you head along to your next Six Nations game! Printed in high-quality, photo-resolution contrast using our specialised flag printing tech, these stunning Wales Hand Waving Flags are perfect for on-the-go and outdoor get togethers. Guaranteed to make you stand out at even the most crowded rally, parade, music festival, or sports event, these polyester flags are mirror-image printed for visibility from both sides of the pitch. Crafted from rip-resistant knitted fabric and reinforced with durable polyester fibre stitching, these high-impact wavers put the red, white, and brilliant green on full display!

Get gorgeous British flags like The Flag Shop’s Union Jack Great Britain Hand Waving Flag for your next Royal event, and greet the troops in style at military shows, army parades, and special displays. The quintessential Union Jack Hand Waver is a must in every UK-lovers collection and a bestseller before national events like the Queen’s Jubilee, Remembrance Sunday, Veteran’s Day, and more. These striking British hand flags give you a 18 x 12 inches or 45 cm x 30 cm display of the St Andrew’s Cross, St George’s Cross, and St Patrick’s Saltire in crisp, high-grade, fade-proof dyes on The Flag Shop’s signature durable knitted polyester templates. 

Also available on a lightweight, 24-inch or 60 cm wooden stick for easier, instant waving at your next big sports match, The Flag Shop’s cheerful, exciting Ireland Tri Colour Hand Waving Flag is ideal for St Paddy’s Day festivities on the isle! Whether you’re leading mates down the road to the local or running a pub crawl for excited visitors, these bright orange, shamrock green, and crisp white wavers are a stunning way to theme your event. When you order British Flags from our huge online collection of hand wavers, you can pick, match, and mix your similar-sized outdoor hand waving flags to discount your total order even further! Why not pick out a selection for the Olympics, or give everyone in your footy squad something to wave?

Looking for nifty, compact, and cheeky hand waving flags for marches, demonstrations, parties, and promotions? The Flag Shop’s Wales Hand Waving Flag Pack gives you 12 bright, fun-sized wavers for bringing along to your next big get-together. Ideal for welcoming diplomatic motorcades, greeting potential customers with a keepsake outside your business, or handing out as mementoes after your home team plays, these polyester hand wavers measure a cute 8.5 inches by 6 inches or 22 cm x 15 cm. Already mounted on a convenient plastic stick, Wales Hand Waving Flag Packs give you a dozen vibrant ways to cheer on the Welsh Lions!

When your voice gives out for cheering at Lancashire Day celebrations, The Flag Shop’s Lancashire Hand Waving Flag will keep the party going. A popular choice from our English Counties Hand Waving Flags collection, these can be combined with popular wavers from each of your favourite British counties in our Multi Buy Discount. Find gorgeous Lincolnshire Hand Waving Flags, Dorset Hand Waving Flags, Cornish Cornwall Hand Waving Flags in our British Hand Wavers online catalogue and order them all together for The Flag Shop’s free UK mainland-wide doorstep delivery and Multi Buy discount.