Rainbow Bunting

When it comes to Pride events, colour and life are essential. That means that whether you’re hosting, planning for, or just getting excited about your next LGBT event, the right Rainbow Bunting is an ideal way to set the scene!

If you’re organising a march, rally, or street event, bunting is a perfect decoration for walls, facades, and shop fronts, creating an atmosphere that’s hard to ignore. Versatile and lightweight, bunting is also a stunning way to ensure your colours and statements make a big impact, without having to carry a flag around or find a spot to pitch your wind spinner. It’s why we at The Flag Shop have more than a few amazing, vividly-coloured, and professionally-printed Rainbow Bunting products available for all Pride get-togethers, and we home deliver to your house or business.

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  1. LGBT Triangular Bunting
    Rainbow LGBT Triangular Bunting
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    Gay Pride (Rainbow) Bunting
  3. Rainbow Triangular Bunting
    Rainbow Multi Colour Triangular Bunting
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Rainbow Bunting available at The Flag Shop

Our Giant Rainbow Flag Bunting is the surest way to leave a lasting impression, and build up party spirits around you while you’re doing it! Saying it loud and clear is one thing, but with the added vibrancy of high-resolution photo-quality printing, our Giant Rainbow Flag Bunting is the ultimate way to show your pride. If you’re located alongside an LGBT parade route and want to show your support, or if you’re hosting an afterparty, this Giant Rainbow Flag Bunting comes with 30 exciting, multi-coloured flags and can be set up in an instant. Measuring  8.25 metres ( roughly 60 feet) and featuring huge 45 cm x 30 cm flags, or approximately 12 inches by 18 inches, it’s unmissable, and guaranteed to show up in all the photos from the big day.

Or perhaps, you’re looking to incorporate triangles into your decorations? If so, Rainbow Triangular LGBT Bunting is a foolproof adornment that’s quick and easy to hang on both interior and exterior walls. Designed not to fade in direct sunlight, or when exposed to wind and rain, it’s one way to ensure your decorations don’t lose any of their lustre and charm. At a larger venue, we recommend our 20 metre (65 ft) bunting, and we’ve got just the ticket for smaller locations such as offices, homes, and shops with the practical 5m (16ft) bunting option. 

If a classic look is what your venue needs, our Gay Pride Flag Bunting is printed on durable, high-grade polyester and won’t tatter or fray. Fluttering in the wind, it’s certain to turn some heads and make a bold statement in the prettiest possible way! This bunting also comes in a flexible range of sizes, allowing you to festoon your Pride gathering with your choice of 3 metre (9.8 ft) or longer 9 metre (30 ft) party pieces. With all the gorgeous red, orange, through to violet, your venue will be Instagram-worthy in moments!

Decorating along a parade route, or building up anticipation subtly before Pride Month? Start with a splash of colour, with Rainbow Multi Colour Triangular Bunting that also comes in two separate lengths. With a few clicks, you can have your Rainbow Bunting shipped to your doorstep, and you’ll be ready to go in no time. And because we know you’re creative, The Flag Shop even offers professional-grade custom flags for your LGBT rally, party, or shins-up. It’s easier than ever to add your own unique designs, artwork, logos, business information, or other artistic creations to the LGBT flag template of your choice, and we’ll make sure it’s all ready for waving on resilient, outdoor-proof polyester.

Do you want to be all set up before the big day? Make sure you’ve stocked up and readied your home, party venue, office, club, or business with all the parts and pieces you need to kick off the party! 

With our huge array of durable flag poles and parts, you won’t have to miss a beat. Because what good is a flag without a pole to wave it from, anyway? On our accessories page, you’ll find practical flagpole bags and sleeves to keep your colourful ensigns safe in storage until the event, while making everything as simple as grab-and-go on the day of your local Pride Parade. You’ll also find durable, quality-made flag bungees to secure your wavers, and every kind of flag pole you might want to help you stand out - from hand-held poles to more lightweight but sturdy aluminium poles for maximum visibility.