Symbolic and religious flags can show your customers what you stand for, or decorate your palace of worship. Where you work, or where you live, these beautiful decorations can create a truly personal touch! If you’d like to make your gurdwara look professional, or make guests feel welcome in your community kitchen, The Flag Shop’s Sikh Table Flags are the perfect way to show off the Nishan Sahib in full colour!

The Flag Shop’s symbolic and religious table flags sit conveniently on any office desk, langar table, or point of sale in your business. These bright orange and blue flags are bold in colour and crisp in detail - and great value decorations for any celebration or religious ceremony! Printed using The Flag Shop’s special colourfast, no-run, and outdoor-proof dyes with a mirror image on the reverse, our Sikh Table Flags won’t fade in sunlight or rain. 

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Symbolic and Religious Table Flags available at The Flag Shop

Our Satin Sikh Table Flags are great adornments for Vaisakhi gatherings or Guru Nanak Jayanti celebrations at school! These come with a durable and elegant chrome pole that allow your flag to be flown at 10 to 18 inches above a school desk, dinner table, or in your shop window. The Flag Shop stocks and delivers 2 or 3 hole bases for these beautiful 9 x 6 inch  (22 cm x 15 cm) flags, and a silky satin pennant gives these symbolic and religious table flags an elegant touch. Our Satin Sikh Table Flags can be paired with other same-size satin table flags in The Flag Shop’s online catalogue to give you a discounted rate when you order in bulk. Get your advertising campaign prepared beforehand on a budget, while stocking up for your classroom events!

For quick, cost-effective, and fuss-free decorating, Budget Sikh Table Flags are hard to beat! Our Symbolic and Religious Table Flags best-selling product saves you even more while you decorate bigger venues, such as community halls, langars, or tabletops at school parties! These 10 by 15 cm (6-inch by 4-inch) table flags come with or without a plastic base for simple assembly and decorating, and sit 12 inches above your checkout desk, reception, or office workspace. Printed on The Flag Shop’s signature knitted polyester for added durability and a longer life, these vibrant, symbolic flags make gorgeous place markers at big events such as weddings, conferences, and feasts. Order online from our catalogue, and we’ll ship your flags to you quickly with our free UK-wide delivery!