Official football flags are now available at The Flag Shop. Cheer on your team with one of our supporter flags displaying the colours of many of the top teams in the UK and abroad, including Chelsea flags, Arsenal flags and a selection of Manchester United flags. All flags come with two eyelets for hanging, can be draped over the shoulders to use as body cape, or hung on your wall. Also available we have discounted Euro 2016 flags packs for this summers competition plus Euro 2016 bunting in various lengths and sizes.
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Showing Your Support for Your Football Team

The beautiful game is one of Great Britain’s biggest exports and whether you’re located in Manchester, London, or anywhere in between – there’s no greater way to show your support for your team than with a prominent flag! We’re not talking about the cheap, low quality versions that you’ll pick up on market stalls here; we’re referring to the highest quality flags that are guaranteed to turn heads, no matter how packed the stadium might be.

At The Flag Shop, we offer an unbiased approach to supporting your team. Our flags can be seen adorning the highest stadium poles, the most supportive homes and even on top of cars. Whether you’re hoping to demonstrate your support during a particular football event, or if you’re just hoping to demonstrate your passion for your team – we are guaranteed to have a flag for you.

Our variety of teams

From current league leaders, all the way to lesser known teams – we cover as many as possible to make it easy for you as the supporter. Our flags are all made from the highest quality fabrics and look great indoors, as well as outside in the open where they can be truly appreciated. The fittings make them easy to add to poles and pulley systems, or you could simply fasten yours under a window during the Euro 2016.

What sizes do we offer?

Whether you’re looking for a Juventus flag, a Manchester United flag, or an Everton FC flag – you’ll be happy to hear that we don’t shy away from large options. Our standard flag size is 5ft by 3ft, but we also offer a huge alternative in the form of the St George Cross (measuring 10ft by 6ft). With the Euro 2016 just a couple of months away, there’s never been a better time to order an English flag and with prices from just £14.95, you’ll struggle to find cheaper for the quality anywhere else.

Supporting your team during the European Cup 2016

With the European tournament fast approaching, we don’t just cater to those with an English heritage – we also stock an assortment of international flags for those resident in the UK. Our Northern Ireland flag in particular isn’t like the typical country flag. Instead, we opted to go for the unique football association flag featuring a stylish green background and the IFA’s trademark emblem.

If you’re from a little further afield, then we also offer international football team flags that are ideal to show your support during the Euros. So, how about those of you that want to show support for your favourite football team all year round? Well, here are just a few of our most popular team flags – with many more being purchasable via our online store.

Aston Villa flag

For fans of the Lions, our 5ft by 3ft Aston Villa flag is a necessity. The material is high quality, the print is incredibly high in resolution and it would look great at the top of a pole, outside of a house, or inside of a car.

Manchester City flag

Our Man City flag displays the traditional blue and white stripes that all fans have come to know and love. At 5ft by 3ft, it’s large enough to catch anyone’s attention and what better way to show your support for the team? We also stock an alternative flag featuring the team’s emblem on white squares and the traditional blue background – so check out our online store to take your pick.

Everton FC

Everton football club have come a long way in the past decade and if you’re a fan – take a look at this flag. For just £7.99, it’s affordable enough to suit anyone’s pocket and the 5ft by 3ft size makes it ideal for placing within windows or at the top of a pole – and it even looks great wrapped around a supporter after a win!

Chelsea flag

Our Chelsea flag doesn’t just represent all that Chelsea FC stands for – it does so in a way that all fans will appreciate. The emblem is clear enough to see from a hundred yards away and the bold blue is enough to instil admiration in fans and opponents alike!

Tottenham Hotspur flag

The Spurs are no strangers to updating their iconography from time to time and this modern looking flag stands testament to that. Featuring the traditional icon in the top left, as well as the modern design on the right – supporters have never had a better way to support their team.

West Ham flag

Whether you’re in South East London or if you support West Ham from a little further afield – there’s no better way to show your love for the team that with our prominent West Ham flag.

Arsenal flag

Our Gunners flag is incredibly popular and for good reason. These league toppers have gone from strength to strength recently and now you can show your support for their success with this iconic flag that emanates all things Arsenal.