Australian Military Flags

Shop in one convenient place and browse gorgeous, colourful ensigns for your Australian Military Flags and Bunting collection in our online catalogue! At The Flag Shop, we have a packed collection of attractive, durable, and eye-catching flags for all kinds of occasions such as military parades, home decorating, clubs, offices, shops, community halls, and more. 

Our Australian Military Flags can easily be ordered from the comfort of your home in standard classic sizes that work amazingly on any outdoor flagpole or as adornments for your themed events. Our 5 ft x 3 ft classic Australian Red Ensign Flag is as seen on military ships, bedecked with the Southern Cross and printed on an unmissable red background in sharp colours. With photo-resolution printing, every detail is clear and vivid, and resilient polyester allows for stress-free outdoor display come wind, storm, or shine! The Red Ensign Flag is essential for any Australian Military Flags and Bunting collector and features in ceremonial events such as Merchant Navy Day. We ship your flags to all UK Mainland addresses in just a few business days, so you can prepare for your event ahead of time and celebrate with the red, white, and blue.

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Australian Military Flags available at The Flag Shop

The Australian Naval Ensign, available at The Flag Shop in a standard 152 cm x 91 cm, has been flown by Oceanic Naval ships dating back to 1967. An official flag of Royal Aussie Navy Ships, this design features the Commonwealth Star in bright blue, the Union Jack in the top left corner, and the Southern Cross all printed on stunning white. Professionally printed onto an outdoor-ready template for the longest possible life, these flags come with two durable metal eyelets so that your flag can easily be flown from a flagpole. Outside your naval base, as part of your Australia Day celebrations, or at any waterside shop, restaurant, or hotel, these flags are the ideal way to get everyone who sees them in the maritime spirit!

Don’t forget the RAAF Ensign Flag for your next holiday, festival, or when decorating your home for ANZAC Day! Available here at The Flag Shop in the universal three- by five-foot, or 152 cm x 91 cm design, our RAAF Ensign Flags can be ordered in bulk so that you receive our large-quantity price reductions on your order. If you’re hoping to mix and match our RAAF, Naval, and Red Ensign Australian Military flags, The Flag Shop offers multi-buy discounts for same-sized flags. Make sure you’ve got some red, white, and blue along with your yellow and green when you’re getting ready to fire up the barbie this ANZAC Day!

Showing your pride in the Australian Navy or getting decorative for a military event? The Flag Shop’s Australian Royal Air Force Bunting is a beautiful way to mark significant events. We stock 3-metre (9.8 ft) and 9-metre (30 ft) lengths of RAAF Bunting featuring 10 and 30 pennants respectively for your street parade, march, rally, or military base. If you’re supporting the troop or hosting a themed party, this bunting can easily be strung up as-is across hallways, along pedestrian walkways, or as a festive decoration along parade routes. Each 6 x 9 inch, or 150 mm by 230 mm pennant is sewn onto strong polyester tape to maximise durability and features crisp, striking colours thanks to photo-resolution printing technology here at The Flag Shop. The Australian Royal Air Force flag, which uses a RAAF light blue backdrop, has the classic Kangaroo Roundel in the bottom right-hand corner. Fly these with pride at your next event anywhere in the world - The Flag Shop can deliver your flags globally!

Our Australian Military Flags and Bunting collection also includes Australian Red Ensign Bunting and Australian Navy Ensign Bunting for parties, advertising, and schools, military shows, and national holidays. Whether you’re planning to host a veterans event, brighten up your community hall, or simply show your support for the Navy, Army, or Air Force, we offer VAT-free prices on your bunting and flags. 

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Keen to add your own logos and text to an Australian Military Flag? Browse our huge collection and choose a template you like, then check out The Flag Shop’s Custom Flags creator to create your own Australian Army Flags and Bunting here today. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got a flag for you!