St Andrew's Day Flags

In Scotland, Saint Andrews Day is a special time of the year where you can fly the Saint Andrew’ Cross or the Saltire proudly! This takes place on the 30th November every year and it is thought that this national festival actually originates way back during the reign of Malcolm III in the 11th Century. While everyone loves to celebrate with traditional music, ceilidhs and of course, haggis, you have also got to join in the fun with a patriotic flag!

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Buy St Andrew's Day Flags at The Flag Shop

If you are looking for a big flag to stand out from the crowd, check out the Scotland St Andrews 8ft x 5ft Flag. This boasts the traditional St Andrew’ Cross, with a blue field and white diagonal cross, which is believed to be what the patron saint of Scotland was crucified on. Made from a quality polyester material, this flag is durable and can be flown in any weather conditions. In addition, there are two brass eyelets that make hanging this flag on a flagpole easy and secure. We have the traditional Saltire flag available in different sizes, such as 5ft x 3ft and 3ft x 2ft. What’s more, we also have the Scotland (Navy Blue) Nylon Flag. This is made from a high quality 210 denier nylon fabric and has the St Andrew's Cross with a navy blue field.

For decorating the house on St Andrew's Day, we recommended the Scotland St Andrew Bunting. This can be used inside or outside and features between 10 and 30 Saltire flags, depending on the length you choose. We have three, six and nine metre lengths available, which are made from quality polyester and are printed with vivid colours. In addition, we also have Giant St Andrews Scotland Bunting!  This looks great at celebrations and events, with thirty flags measuring 12 inches by 18 inches each. The bunting is made from quality polyester and measures 18.25 metres in length. What a great way to decorate for St Andrew's Day!

If you are travelling to an event, you have got to have a look at the Scotland St Andrew Car Flag! This looks great hanging from your car window, with a Scottish Saltire flag in bold and clear colours, as well as a white/grey sturdy plastic stick so it can fly proudly. The flag measures 16 by 10 inches and attaches easily with a plastic clip. For when you are at a parade or event, join in the fun with a Scotland St Andrew Saltire Hand Waving Flag. This lets all ages become part of the celebrations, with a Saint Andrew’s Cross attached to a sturdy wooden stick.

When you are having an event, such as a ceilidh and dinner, it is always great to decorate the tables and make sure everything looks perfect for Saint Andrew's Day. That is why you should check out the Scotland Lion Rampant Table Budget Flag. This features the Royal Banner of Scotland, with its yellow field and red lion rampant, which was used historically by the King of Scots. Not only does it make a great table marker, but you could also use it as a personal desk decoration because it looks that good! The flag measure six by four inches and is supplied with a plastic stick and base standing. We also have the Scotland Table Budget Flag that features the traditional Saltire.

What are you waiting for? Choose your favourite Scottish flag in time for Saint Andrew's Day with our collection from The Flag Shop! As your number one supplier of quality flags, we have something for everyone to celebrate Saint Andrew's Day.