Some of our very best flags can be found in our Miscellaneous section, where you can browse all the colourful, fun decorations to give a special flavour to every event. The Flag Shop’s pick-and-mix section of crisp, digitally printed polyester, nylon, and satin flags plus our huge array of 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 20, and 22-metre bunting contains everything you need to liven up your parties, boost your advertising, and or make your workspace unique. 

The Flag Shop’s Miscellaneous Bunting includes our popular Giant Gay Pride Rainbow Bunting, the biggest, brightest, and boldest way to say it with Pride at LGBTQ parades and parties! When you’re out to say it loud, this bestselling bunting will do it for you with vibrant standout hues in the iconic colours of the Gay Pride rainbow. Measuring a whopping great 18.25 metres (60 ft) long and featuring no less than 30 45 cm x 30 cm (18 by 12 inch) gay pride flags, these vividly coloured pennants can be hung anywhere you want to add a cascade of LGBTQ-friendly colours. Show your support with a brightly coloured shopfront during Pride month, or beckon in your guests for a post-Pride drinks session!

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Miscellaneous flags available at The Flag Shop

After Miscellaneous Standards to hang from any flagpole, stick up on the wall, or festoon across your building? The Flag Shop’s Nylon Union Jack Flag is our most durable outdoor-ready standard flag that will withstand any British weather! Show your patriotic pride off with a vividly hued red, white, and blue Union Jack combining the St George’s Cross, St Patrick Saltire, and St Andrew’s Saltire in colourfast, weatherproof inks on durable rip-resistant nylon. Designed to remain colourful, crisp, and clear in the sun, rain, or snow, this 210 denier (148/m2) nylon flag makes a fantastic decoration at armed forces shows, military offices and bases, and can be flown high from any flagpole at your home, business, or school. Measuring a standard 5 feet by 3 feet in size (15 by 10 centimetres), our Nylon Union Jack has four rows of strong stitching on the fly and double-stitching all around to give it extra strength. 

The Flag Shop has checkered flags, military flags, festival flags, gay pride flags, plain coloured flags, pirate flags, symbolic flags, and more in our high-quality, great value selection of Miscellaneous bunting, pennants, car flags, hand wavers, table flags, windsocks, and more! Wave our car flags, like our popular 16 by 10 inch (40 x 25 cm) Gay Pride Car Flag, out your window from a handy plastic clip and cause a flutter as you drive by! All available with free UK-wide shipping, our flags can be mixed and matched with like-size items to save you money with our bulk-buy Multi-Buy Discount. 

Check out The Flag Shop’s Miscellaneous Table Flags for a mischievous mix of great-value, high-quality wavers for your events, parties, festivals, workspace, or business! OurRAF Table Flag Budget makes a frequent appearance at Armed Forces Day events and on desktops for Remembrance Sunday, as well as being part of an ideal centrepiece along with our Budget Lest We Forget (RAF) Table Flags and Budget Lest We Forget Table Flags. A top way to make the biggest possible visual splash with a limited decorating budget, these polyester tabletop adornments add an instant theme to meetings, dinners, and conferences. Create a respectful, patriotic display for your workspace with these top-quality, cost-effective 6 x 4 inch (150 mm x 100 mm) desk ornaments, which come with your choice of lightweight but strong 12-inch plastic base and flagpole. Or go with our White Ensign Table flag Budget for a tasteful, tabletop salute to the Royal Navy!

Break the mould and stand out from the crowd with The Flag Shop’s Miscellaneous Windsocks, with a unique shape that flutters in the wind to get you noticed! Available in 60 cm, 90 cm, and 140 cm lengths, our Rainbow Turbo Spin Socks are crafted from durable ripstop nylon that makes them perfect for long-term outdoor use. The perfect way to make a flutter in your garden, allotment, caravan, patio, or at a pumping music festival, these attach quickly and easily to The Flag Shop’s windsock poles and pack away into any bag for convenient transport.