Pirate Flags

Pirate Flags

Pirate flag is available to buy online at UK Flag Shop. Choose from our great range of Pirate flags including the Skull and Crossbones, available in sizes three feet, five feet or a massive eight feet, pirate flag bunting measuring six metres with twenty flags, and hand waving flags. Other pirate flags available include the Jolly Roger, Jack Rackham, Skull with bandana pirates flags, time flies when youre having rum and surrender the booty pirates flag. Also available we now have a great pink skull flag.
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    Have a nice day Matey flag
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  4. Red Skull Table flag
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Pirate flags for sale at theflagshop.co.uk

Ahoy! Are you in search of a pirate flag?

Whether it’s for a fancy dress themed party, to get noticed in a crowd at a festival or maybe to fly high from a child’s treehouse, we have a range of pirate themed flags to help.

From the classic Jolly Rogers skull and crossbones flag design to the Jack Rackham pirate flag and many other designs, we have loads of pirate flags on offer for you to mark your treasure! We stock flags in a range of sizes also, from classic 5ft x 3ft flags to bunting and hand waving flags, there’s a size to suit all at The Flag Store.

The most iconic pirate flag is the Jolly Roger, also know as the skull and crossbones. Flying high from boat masts in many Hollywood films has made this classic flag an icon. Used in the 18th century to identify a ship that was about to attack, the grinning smile of the Jolly Roger has made it infamous. Whether you’re planning a pirate themed swaray or looking to get your kids play areas into ship shape, our Jolly Roger flags are made from the highest quality polyester.

Another variation of the Jolly Roger Flag is the Jack Rackham Pirate Flag which still has the iconic skull, but the crossbones are replaced by swords. This is a popular pirate flag named after an infamous British pirate known as Calico Jack, making it a famous design. We sell the Jack Rackham Flag in hand waving, 3ft x 2ft flags, 5ft x 3ft flags as well as giant 8ft x 5ft designs, so no matter how much you want your flag to get noticed, there’s a size to suit you. Each design is made from the highest quality polyester for long lasting quality.


Similar to the Jack Rackham flag, the Brethren of the Coast Flag is a famous pirate flag. Most famed for being the inspiration behind Pirates of the Caribbean, the Brethren were a coalition of pirates active in the seventeenth and eighteenth century around the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, but it’s their flag which is most recognisable. The design is similar to many other pirate flags, with a large skull in the centre with crossing swords underneath. However, the Brethren flag is more detailed than other traditional pirate flags.

If you want to buy a pirate flag, The Brethren of the Sea is a more detailed design, guaranteed to grab attention. Like all Flag Shop flags, this flag is made from the highest quality polyester for unbeatable quailty.

Planning on a pirate themed party? We have pirate flags to suit the occasion. The Name Your Poison flag is a classic design while adding an element of fun to drinking your moonshine.  The Time Flies When You’re Having Rum flag is another party favourite, guaranteed to get your fancy dressed guests in the mood to celebrate.

Another bold pirate flag design is the Skull with Bandana Pirate Flag, which adds a splash of colour to typically black and white pirate flag designs. Featuring the skull and crossbones of the Jolly Roger, this flag has the addition of a bright red bandana, adding an element of bright colour and detail. The Skull with Bandana flag is ideal for fancy dress parties, we also stock this pirate flag design in pink, perfect for Pride events across the UK.

All Skull and Bandana flags are made from the highest quality polyester, making them tough, resilient and durable. We pride ourselves on the use of the best materials which enable you to get the most out of your flags. No matter what pirate flag design you’re looking for, at The Flag Shop, we have a huge range guaranteed to please. From the Christmas Pirate Flag to the Pirate Life for Me, the Skull Red Eyes Flag and the Have a Nice Day Matey Flag, you’ll find what you need for any upcoming event.

Don’t forget our huge range of pirate bunting, from the Skull Red Eyes to Skull with Bandana, we have loads of party favourites on offer. So don’t be a Scallywag, buy a pirate flag from The Flag Shop today!