Smiley Face Flags

Are you attending a big event or parade and want to have a flag that will make you stand out from the crowd? Don’t worry; at the Flag Shop, we have you covered! We have a range of smiley face flags that are going to make sure everyone notices you. With a range of designs, there is truly something for everyone.

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  1. Rainbow Smiley Face Table Flag
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  2. Union Jack Smiley Table Flag
    Union Jack Smiley Table Flag Budget
  3. Smiley Face Table Flag
    Smiley Face Table Flag Budget
  4. Smiley Face Acid Table Flag
    Smiley Face Acid Table Flag Budget
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If you love being British and also want to bring a smile to everyone’s face, check out the Union Jack Smiley Face 5ft x 3ft Flag. This eye-catching design features the Union flag in vivid colours, as well as a yellow smiley face in the centre. It is made from quality polyester for durability, which means you can use this flag year after year for different events. In addition, there are two brass eyelets, which makes hanging this flag up on a flagpole easy. If you are Irish and proud, you can also choose the Ireland Smiley Face 5ft x 3ft Flag. This flag features the famous tri-colour of Ireland with the addition of a colourful smiley face on the centre. You can fly this flag high with two brass grommets. If you are a true Scotsman, you can choose the Scotland Smiley Face 5ft x 3ft Flag. This flag boasts the Saint Andrew’s Cross, as well as a bright smiley face in the middle. It is made from a strong polyester material, which also brings out the best colours. What a great way to bring fun to any event!

A fantastic way to decorate tables at events is with the Smiley Face Acid Table Budget Flag. This makes an attractive table marker or decoration, with a bold black background and vibrant yellow smiley face. The flag measures six inches by four inches and is supplied with a plastic stick and base. This is sure to bring a smile to the event! In addition, we also have the Union Jack Smiley Budget Table Flag, featuring the Union Flag and smiley face, as well as the Rainbow Smiley Face Table Budget Flag with the colourful rainbow flag and bright smiley face.

When you are attending an event or parade and want to join in the fun, be sure to bring along the Smiley Face Hand Waving Flag! This features a big smiley face on a yellow background, printed on quality polyester material. This makes sure you can take this to events for years to come. The flag measures 18 inches by 12 inches and comes complete with a sturdy wooden stick. Now everyone of all ages can become part in the celebrations!

To decorate for parades or even inside your home, check out the Smiley Face Bunting. This is sure to add cool vibes to any occasion, with vibrant yellow smiley faces and a matching background. This bunting contains 20 flags, which measure six inches by nine inches each, measuring six metres in total length; perfect for decorating railings and walls. Since it is made from a quality polyester and sewn onto strong polyester tape, you can expect this bunting to last for years to come! In addition, don’t miss out on the Smiley Face Banner.  This features a bunch of happy and smiley faces on a yellow background, measuring eight feet by three feet. There are four brass eyelets on the long side, which means you can hang up this banner proudly.

Make sure you bring the fun to your next event with one of our smiley face flags from The Flag Shop. It doesn’t matter what the occasion, this flag is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face! As your number one supplier of quality flags, there is something for everyone. Browse our range now to find the perfect one for you today.