South Africa Table Flags

Make a vibrant, colourful impact with The Flag Shop’s unique, fun, and exciting South Africa Table Flags! With our professionally-printed, high-resolution table flags, you can support your favourite sports team or promote your business with a burst of rainbow colour. The Flag Shop stocks and delivers South Africa Table Flags in hardy polyester or stylish satin in a range of sizes - giving you full flexibility over how you’d like to glamourise your venue!

Our Satin South Africa Table Flags are a sophisticated answer to all your corporate decorating needs. Meetings are boring enough already, and promotional campaigns are a dime a dozen - why not jazz up your event with elegant satin flags that capture hearts and win you customers? The Flag Shop’s South Africa Satin Table Flags can be set up in seconds on a stunning shiny, chrome, telescoping base, then adjusted to as high as 18 inches to create the ideal place setting at formal meetings. These 6 by 9 inch (around 22 cm x 15 cm) satin table decorations are sturdy, silky adornments that will complete any visual merchandising campaign or help customers find your business at a busy market or shopping centre. With three different base options available, creating a personal and unique theme for your venue is easy - simply choose your choice of base, flag pole, or plain flag and order in bulk to enjoy our special discounted bulk rates. 

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South Africa Table Flags available at The Flag Shop

With The Flag Shop’s Budget South Africa Table Flags, decorating huge venues such as conference halls and catered events has never been more cost-effective! For those looking to stretch their budget further while making a striking impact on guests, these Budget South Africa Flags are gorgeous additions to any advertising campaign. They’re beautiful spread throughout a bar, or peppered around a party, and feature the national flag of South Africa in bold, vivid colourfast and weather-proof professional dyes. Full resolution and crisp, cutting detail make these flags pop, and each 6 by 4 inch flag is printed using The Flag Shop’s professional high-grade photo-resolution imaging techniques for maximum, long-lasting contrast in all weathers. These beautiful South Africa Flags are stunning enough as is, but look even better when combined with our Budget Old South Africa Table Flags for a blast from the past. 

With The Flag Shop’s multi-buy discounts and free UK-wide delivery, designing your own South Africa-themed event is now simpler than ever!