British Isles Flags

Dress up your next event with British Isles Flags from every corner of the UK. The Flag Shop can print and ship your brilliant value British Flags in a huge range of sizes, shapes, and styles. With classic Union Jack designs, Scottish Flags, Wales Flags and more, you can get ready for your next promotion, festival, or party in one convenient place!

The Flag Shop stocks bunting, hand flags, table flags, and standard flags in 3 ft x 2 foot, standard 5 ft x 3 ft and beautiful 45 cm by 30 cm designs for every event, as well as 3-metre, 6-metre, and 9-metre bunting for decorating outdoor locations and inside venues. We stock resilient polyester flags for all-weather events, and satin table flags for corporate and diplomatic meetings, parties, and expos. All items of our British Isles Flags collection can be shipped across the UK mainland free of charge to your

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  1. Isle Of Man Bunting
    Isle Of Man Bunting
  2. Celtic Nations Bunting
    Celtic Nations Flag Bunting
  3. Jersey Table Flag
    Jersey Table Flag Budget
  4. Guernsey Table Flag
    Guernsey Table Flag Budget
  5. Isle of Man Table Flag
    Isle of Man Table Flag Budget
  6. Sark Table Flag
    Sark Table Flag Budget
  7. Celtic Nations Table Flag
    Celtic Nations Table Flag Budget
  8. Guernsey table flag satin
    Guernsey Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  9. Jersey table flag satin
    Jersey Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  10. Isle of Man table flag satin
    Isle of Man Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  11. Guernsey Bunting
    Guernsey Bunting
    Price Low as: £13.95 Low as: £4.95 for bulk orders
  12. Alderney Table Flag
    Alderney Table Flag Budget
  13. Jersey Bunting
    Jersey Bunting
  14. Alderney Bunting
    Alderney Flag Bunting
  15. Sark Bunting
    Sark Flag Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
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British Isles Flags available at The Flag Shop

Our collection of British Isles Flags features signature Jersey flags for parties, sports events, and advertising! Jersey Flags are amazing additions to a football club wall, local hall, or outside your place of business on the island. A crisply printed white template is emblazoned with vivid red fade-proof diagonal cross in the isle’s classic design, and the Jersey crest is visible in bright, high-resolution and photo-grade printing on the front. Both sides of this stunning 5 by 3 foot standard flag are printed in long-lasting professional dyes using advanced technology to make your Jersey flag a keeper for all weathers and events.

The Flag Shop’s Isles Flags include the Celtic Nations flag on a standard 3 by 5 foot template complete with sharp designs and crisp images of each nation’s motif: Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man. Vibrant red, green, blue, white, and more all add excitement to your local pub, cafe, restaurant, or party venue, as you celebrate your next sporting event or county fair! Popular everywhere across the Celtic nations, this beautiful waver is an excellent advertising tool to let your future customers know where you’re from and what you’re about. If you’re selling local foods such as Cornish pasties, get your customers in the regional spirit with this beautiful polyester design!

A firm favourite is our Guernsey Flag, printed on knitted polyester and strengthened for a longer-life with durable polyester stitching. Standard Guernsey flags are 152 cm x 91 cm to suit any flag pole or hanging out a window, and come complete for easy set up with two brass grommets or metal eyelets through which a cord can be inserted. Guernsey flags are a bestseller for local rugby and football matches, as well as school swimming meets and county halls. At farmer’s markets, in town squares, and outside important community buildings, this gorgeous white, red, and yellow flag features the traditional Norman cross in its full glory.

A must-have for any Briton, the Isle of Man Flag is a sharp addition to your promotional toolkit, not to mention great for your pub, business, or local store! An official flag since 1932, the attention-grabbing Isle of Man Flag features bold, red fade-resistant dye for the background and the iconic triskelion on the foreground. Designed not to tatter, fade, or fray - even in the windiest of conditions - this Isle of Man flag can be hung streetside for parties, demonstrations, rallies, and protests. At local occasions, such as running meets, sponsored events, or street parties, the Isle of Man Flag is a great venue marker to let your guests know where the party’s at.

All your favourite British Isles Flags can be ordered as table flags - including our Guernsey Table Flag, Jersey Table Flag, and beautiful Celtic Nations Table Flag. This flag is 12 inches high, or 300 mm, and an ideal desk adornment, placeholder, or proud decoration at municipal halls. The Flag Shop’s table flags can be ordered with a plastic base for instant tabletop hoisting, or without - leaving you a host of creative decorating options for your next get-together. British Isles table flags measure 6 x 4 inches or approximately 150 mm x 100 mm in size and are perfect for parties, weddings, and corporate dinners.

Order your flags of the British Isles today!