Australia Table Flags

Want to make a splash on Australia Day? Or show your pride in the troops at an ANZAC Day event near you? The Flag Shop has all your decorating needs covered in our giant catalogue of stunning, professionally printed Australia Table Flags. With stylish, elegant satin pennants and durable, great-value polyester table toppers to choose from, all our Australia flags come with UK-mainland-wide free delivery and a convenient choice of plastic or chrome base. 

Looking for eye-catching Australia Table Flags for a professional setting, like an office, town hall, conference, or sales expo? The Flag Shop’s Satin Australia Table Flags add a unique, patriotic flash of colour to any occasion. Introduce some flair and national pride to your workspace with these professional, silky table ornaments, or help your customers find what they’re looking for in your municipal building - these convenient, uniquely compact, and cleverly designed Australia Table Flags couldn’t be more perfect for official venues. Or simply for a touch of class in your hotel!

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Australia Table Flags available at The Flag Shop

The Flag Shop’s popular Australia Satin Table Flags come with a stylish chrome base that telescopes between 10 inches and 18 inches in height. To give you even more creative flexibility with your interior decor, these 9 x 6 inches or 22 cm x 15 cm flags come with a selection of 2 or 3-hole bases. Creating centrepieces at an ANZAC Day celebration? Combine multiple flags on our 3-hole base, or choose just the flag and pole for a quick, executive setup at your business meeting. These stylish, professionally printed table flags are carefully finished in full-resolution, photo-quality detail with fade-proof and colourfast dyes with our professional printing techniques. 

Feature a waterfall of the red, white, and blue in your larger venue and maximize your savings with our Budget Australia Table Flags! These unbeatable value flags are quick and simple decorating essentials that can be quickly scattered around a concert hall, bar, local pub, or at-home dinner to show off the Southern Cross in its full glory. Standing securely on a 12-inch plastic base above any desk, bar, workspace, or celebration table, The Flag Shop’s 4-inch by 6-inch or 10 cm by 15 cm table flags are made from resilient, no-fray, anti-rip polyester to last for years. Stash these safely away in any desk drawer and bring them out to create a stunning Australia Day display on your table or shop window when it’s time to celebrate!