British Isles Bunting

A great way to celebrate your heritage, our British Isles Bunting can be used to quickly and beautifully decorate in style. Featuring Guernsey, Alderney, Jersey, Isle of Man, Sark, and Celtic Nations designs, there’s no reason not to make your budget stretch further with vivid colours that show off your roots!

Advertise your local menu, sell your Guernsey wares, or welcome guests to your home on the isle with official flags in vivid colours! The Flag Shop’s British Isles Bunting range includes Guernsey Bunting in gorgeous red, white, and yellow - with knitted, extra-resilient polyester pennants and flashy weatherproof colours, these convenient decorations are perfect for promotional and personal events. This bunting comes in short 3-metre lengths with 10 flags for indoor rooms and smaller gardens, or longer 9-metre strands with 30 flags for buildings, balconies, community halls, and office spaces. Each bright and bold flag measures 6 by 9 inches, or 15 cm by 23 cm for maximum effect!

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British Isles Bunting available at The Flag Shop

Professionally printed on long-lasting, knitted polyester, Alderney Bunting is a fun decoration for celebrations and businesses, as well as around the house! This British Isles Bunting features the official Alderney St George’s Cross and coat of arms combination in crisp, weatherproof colours on durable polyester. Easily hung from a ceiling, fence, balcony, or wall, Alderney Bunting can be an exciting show of support for your Isle’s football club, or as eye-catching signposting for streetside pedestrians outside your business.

Sark Flag Bunting, available for quick and free UK mainland delivery, is a popular way to adorn homes, schools, and outdoor venues on the Isle! A popular choice in our British Isles Bunting collection, Sark flag pennants on this adornment are emblazoned with crisp and weatherproof St George's Crosses, plus the iconic yellow double-lion canton. Add some life and colour to your Channel Island cafe, B & B, hotel, or bar and attract new clients from miles away! The Flag Shop’s Sark Flag Bunting can be ordered as 9.8-foot (3-metre) lengths for smaller shops, offices, and homes, or as 9-metre (30-foot) decorations for gardens, schoolyards, race tracks, athletics fields, parade routes, or football fields. Lightweight and compact, as well as a convenient and cost-effective way to introduce some flair and colour, these bunting strands are an essential part of your promotional toolkit for tourist season! 3-metre Sark bunting features 10 beautiful pennants, while 9-metre bunting has a whopping 30 Sark pennants for maximum visibility. 

Why not celebrate your heritage with Celtic Nations Flag Bunting, which combines all the best flags for extra flash at your party, farmer’s market, or tourist attraction? The Celtic Nations Flag is a show-stopping wheel of Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Cornish, Irish, Brittany, and Isle of Man flag designs with the Celtic crest in the centre. All are printed in high-resolution, top-quality contrast, and full details with professional technology, making this Transceltic bunting a distinctive adornment. The Flag Shop stocks Celtic Nations Flag bunting in 3-metre lengths to spice up your next dinner party, in 6-metre lengths with 20 unmissable flags, and bumper-sized 9-metre bunting with a full 30 Celtic Nations pennants. Add some excitement and a super-fun touch to your British Isles home or show your guests exactly where the party’s at with these strong polyester decorations. Perfect for outdoor hanging on patios, in beer gardens for the Rugby, or outside your curbside cafe to tempt your next guests inside!

The Flag Shop’s British Isles Bunting collection also includes head-turning Isle of Man bunting in fade-resistant and outdoor weather-resistant dyes, to show off your red and white! The fascinating triskelion is printed in clearly-visible, crisp detail with a deep red, sun- and rain-proof background on durable polyester. Each pennant on our Isle of Man bunting - available as 3-metre, 6-metre, or 9-metre decorations, spans a highly-visible 150 mm x 230 mm for a bold impact and is sewn on with strong fabric tape for an ideal outdoor venue adornment. A thick but lightweight polyester weave keeps your flags safe from fraying, ripping, and holes even with repeated and prolonged outdoor flying. Let others share your local pride with these vibrant, long-lasting prints from the Isle of Man by hanging them in your window, or across your shop front?