World Flags

World Flags

World flags are available to buy online in all styles and sizes from our World Flag Shop section. We have a huge range of country flags from all four corners of the globe, meaning there are 100s of flags of the world to choose from. Our range consists of designs from every continent, including Africa's flags. We have the Brazil flag, bunting and hand flags, Australia flags, (available as hand flag, bunting and in a giant 8ft x 5ft size), India flag, Japan flag, (national and rising sun), China flag, Mexico flags, plus the stars and stripes of the US flag available as hand flag, bunting and in various sizes. Look no further to buy a world flag online.
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  1. Union Jack Table Flag
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  2. Scotland table flag
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  3. England Table Flag
    England St George Table Flag Budget
  4. USA Table Flag
    USA Table Flag Budget
  5. St George Cross Bunting
    England St George Cross Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  6. Germany Table Flag
    Germany Table Flag Budget
  7. France Table Flag
    France Table Flag Budget
  8. Scotland Bunting
    Scotland St Andrew Bunting
  9. South Africa Table Flag Budget
    South Africa Table Flag Budget
  10. Wales Table Flag
    Wales Table Flag Budget
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Proudly Displaying Your Heritage with a World Flag

In this day and age, it’s not uncommon for any particular region to boast an incredible variety of nationalities and races. From Manchester with its diverse culture, all the way to London that features some of the most varied dialects on the planet – modern societies are a diverse spectrum of lifestyles and geography.

Whoever you are and wherever you hail from, what better way to showcase your love and passion for your place of origin, than by proudly displaying a flag? At The Flag Shop we specialise in providing a variety of world flags to cater to any and all ethnicities, whether you’re from the remotest regions in Asia, if you come from the United States, or if you’re a proud British citizen!

What we offer

As briefly mentioned above, when it comes to the flags of the world – we make sure to cover all of the bases. From our top-quality Union Jack flag, printed to the highest standard and guaranteed to instil a little British pride, all the way to European flags, African flags, Asian flags and American flags – we boast some of the fairest prices on the market and can’t be beaten on customer service.

We source our world flags from some of the best manufacturers available and we prioritise our level of quality above all else. Each of our flags are subjected to an intensive quality-control process and should they not make the grade – you’ll never have to worry about receiving one! You might be wondering which types of flags we stock. Well, if you’re curious; keep reading!

A variety of flag sizes to choose from

Not everyone has the space to install a huge flag and we understand that more than most. That’s why we don’t just stock larger sizes; we actually offer a variety of measurements to choose from. Here are just a few of the most popular – all of which you will find within our online store and can be ordered directly.

Standard sizes

If you’re looking for a national flag to display prominently below a window (ideal during football tournaments), at the top of a pole, or even on the roof of a car our standard flags could well be the way to go. We offer 5ft by 3ft sizes, as well as smaller 3ft x 2ft equivalents. Our St. George’s flag is also available in this smaller size for under £7 – and with Euro 2016 coming up, there’s no greater way to show your support for the English team!


While we’re on the topic of the European cup, we’re also proud to offer bunting in a huge variety of styles. From the Brazilian flag, all the way to the Irish flag – our bunting makes it easy to decorate a particular room or feature, or to simply display a variety of flag colours within pubs, cafes and restaurants for big events.

Hand flags

If you prefer to demonstrate a passion for your nationality up close and personal, then what better way than with a hand flag? These portable flags are lightweight and can be carried anywhere. They might not be quite as eye-catching as our larger equivalents, but they are a great way to demonstrate your support, so hold them high during sports tournaments and world-class events.

Car flags

Next up, we have our unique range of car flags – all of which can be fitted universally, no matter which make or model of vehicle you drive. They fasten over windows and can be held in place by keeping the glass panel closed. Unlike paper versions that are prone to flapping and tearing in the wind, our fabric alternatives are the highest quality and will proudly blow whatever speed you’re travelling at.

Table Flags

We find these flags the most popular with customers that are aiming for a particular theme, and you’ll undoubtedly agree. Each flag consists of a durable material, a sturdy pole and a solid weight – making them ideal to decorate tables within restaurants, bars and cafés. There’s no reason why they couldn’t be featured at home, on desks, or even on a car dashboard.

These are just a few flag types that we offer and with a great amount of stock, we are confident in saying that we can cater to orders of most sizes! The world has never been more of a culturally diverse place and if you’re keen to show support for your nation, demonstrate your love for your home country, or you want to create a thematic style within a public space – we offer some of the highest quality and most affordable flags in the United Kingdom!