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Buy High Quality German flags at

Germany is the most populous country in Europe, containing 16 constituent states. Housing massive cities such as Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Munich, Germany is a country packed full of history and culture. Each of Germany's states has its own flag; from East Germany to Saxony Anhalt and Berlin, we stock a massive range of German flags at The Flag Shop.

Berlin is the capital of Germany, being the largest and most populous city in the country. The current Berlin flag was adopted in 1990, after the city was split into two following the second world war. The flag has a simple red and white striped background, with the iconic bear emblem which appears on the city’s coat of arms. This instantly identifiable design is Flag Shop favourite; the bold colours look great printed onto our high quality polyester flags, guaranteeing best quality for price.

Brandenburg is a state on the northeast of Germany, surrounding the capital city of Berlin. The Brandenburg flag has a horizontal bi-colour of red and white, with the traditional coat of arms in the centre. The current flag was adopted in early 1991, following the dissolving of states in the 1950s. The vibrant red bird in the centre of the flag makes it a popular eye catching design; thanks for the high quality polyester in which they are printed on.

If you’re looking to buy a German province flag, why not consider the Saxony Anhalt flag? The vibrant yellow and black bi-colours work together seamlessly to create a stunning flag design; topped with the state’s coat of arms to add detailing. All of our flags are made from the highest quality materials and sold for the lowest prices; so if you’re considering buying a German province flag, make it a Flag Shop one. We have a massive range of European flags on offer, each affordable and high quality.

Hamburg is one of Germany’s best loved cities, loved by locals and tourists alike. Their flag is a simple design, consisting of a bright red backing with a white castle in the middle. This flag is an iconic and eye catching design, perfect for anyone who loves everything the country of Germany has to offer.

We have loads of other German province flags for sale in a range of styles. From Ostpreußen to Pommern, Rheinland to Saarland, each flag is bursting with history, great for anyone interested in the heritage of this great country. No matter which flag you buy, we can guarantee they are the best quality money can buy.