Gay Pride Hand Waving Flags

Hand flags are a super way to show your pride and support at key LGBT events, parades, parties and festivals. In The Flag Shop’s Gay Pride Hand Waving Flagscollection, you can shop for all your LGBT-themed ensigns at once in our great range!

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Gay Pride Hand Waving Flags available at The Flag Shop

The Flag Shop has a huge collection of lightweight, bumper-value Gay Pride Hand Flags for fast and free UK-wide shipping. Our giant collection includes iconic favourites such as the Gay Pride Rainbow Hand Waving Flag and creative designs such as our Rainbow Love Hand Waving Flag

For something that stands out from the crowd. Printed with the use of high-quality and advanced photo techniques in vibrant, long-lasting colours, our Gay Pride Hand Waving Flags can be conveniently packed and carried along to any outdoor occasion, such as Pride Parades, rallies, demonstrations, protests, marches, and parties!

The bestselling Gay Pride Rainbow Hand Waving Flag is a lightweight, compact, must-have accessory at any venue. Show your solidarity with the LGBT community with these durable polyester wavers measuring a giant 18 x 12 inches or 45 cm x 30 cm on a 24-inch or 60 cm stick that stands out and says it loud on your behalf. Cheerful, attention-grabbing, and Instagram-worthy with bold and vivid dyes, these weatherproof hand waving flags can be ordered from The Flag Shop in 2, 6, 11, or 25+ packets for even greater savings when you order ahead for your next event in bulk. Get spotted in the crowd at festivals, make an impact at demonstrations, or promote your LGBT event with optimal impact with these beautiful, iconic flags.

All our LGBT Hand Waving Flags are amazingly easy to fold and travel with, making them a stress-free but bold and vibrant way to raise awareness wherever you go! Our Rainbow Smile Hand Waving Flag is another gorgeous favourite, printed in fade-proof, weather-resistant dyes on knitted polyester that lasts in all the elements. A must-have at parties, Pride Festivals, marches, and parades, these bright, festive rainbow backdrops show the gay pride multicolours with the timeless smiley face emblem emblazoned on the foreground. This flag measures 18 x 12 inches  or 45cm x 30cm across and high, and comes with a lightweight but durable wooden stick for waving that is 24 inches or 60 metres long and one third of an inch (9 mm) in diameter. All your parts and pieces come together in one handy, ready-for-waving mascot!

The Flag Shop also sells 12-packs of Pride hand flags so that your whole crew has something to wave at clubs, bars, festivals, and get-togethers. Small Gay Pride Hand Wavers are a cost-effective, super bright addition to any themed occasion and include a dozen compact 9 inch x 6 inch (22.5 cm x 15 cm) flags that can be seen from miles away. With easy-to-carry wooden poles and 5 mm diameter, 12" long (30 cm) pennants, these polyester tatter-proof vivid wavers will not fray or lose their colour even with repeated use at all the LGBT events of the year! Other popular multi-pack products for all your friends, customers, supporters, and fellow festival-goers include Small Transgender hand flags (pack of 12), Small Pansexual hand flags (pack of 12), Small Bi Pride hand flags (pack of 12), and our popular Small Asexual hand flags (pack of 12) for commercial and festive needs.

With The Flag Shop’s multi-buy discounts, you can order all your same-sized Gay Pride Hand Waving Flags together and enjoy even more savings. Mix and match your Rainbow Smile Hand Waving Flag with our Smile, Smiley Face Hand Waving Flag, Asexual Hand Waving Flag, Pansexual Hand Waving Flag, or  Pink Union Jack Hand Waving Flag and get discounted prices along with our free, UK-wide super-fast delivery. Our shipping means you can receive your LGBT flags straight to your business or home address on your doorstep in no time, and be ready for that big Gay Pride event that’s just around the corner. We also stock all the parts, poles, bags, and accessories that you need in our Flagpole parts and pieces catalogue, where you can order flag bungees, sleeves, spinners, wind socks, and more. 

Shop our Gay Pride Hand Waving Flags today and make a rainbow-coloured splash at your next big LGBT event!