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The Spanish flag is another iconic design, featuring three horizontal stripes; two red and one yellow which is double the width. The flag of Spain also features the country’s national coat of arms on the hoist side of the yellow stripe. If you’re looking to buy a Spanish flag, discover a huge range of Spain flags for sale at The Flag Shop, including; flags, bunting and hand waving flags.
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Spanish flags for sale at

 Spain is a large country in southwestern Europe, famed for its sunny climate, cultural cities and sandy beaches. As well as the mainland, Spain is also home to the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, also famous as some of Europe’s most popular tourism hotspots. On top of being the perfect place to take a cultural trip, Spain is also famed for its array of successful sporting accolades, including winning the World Cup and Euros – This is why the flag of Spain is so popular…

 The flag of Spain, known as "la Rojigualda", is one of the most famous flags in the world - In fact, it’s also one of the most instantly recognisable. This iconic design features a large yellow horizontal stripe in the middle of a vibrant red field, topped with the country’s coat of arms located slightly towards the hoist. The flag of Spain was first adopted in 1978; however, variations of this popular design have been used by the country since 1785, used by naval and coastal fortifications alike.

If you’re looking for a Spain flag for sale, The Flag Shop have a huge variety of sizes, styles and designs for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking to buy a flag for a sporting event, for Eurovision or maybe just out of cultural interest, you can choose from flags, bunting, hand waving flags, table flags and car flags, so no matter what the occasion, there’s a flag to suit you.

Buy Spain flags from The Flag Shop

 At The Flag Shop, we have a range of Spain flag sizes available; from small 3ft x 2ft flags to regular 5ft x 3ft flags and giant 8ft x 5ft Spain flag designs, we have loads available. Each is made from high quality polyester, which is ideal for indoor use. The polyester will allow the vibrant red and yellow shades to stand out, helping you stand out from the crowd at events or brighten up your home for a Spanish style fiesta. Whether you’re hitting a national sporting event or hanging one from your wall, each size will tailor to your needs with ease.

Spain bunting for sale at

 Bunting is the perfect decoration, ideal for indoor and garden parties alike. The bright yellow and red colours of the Spanish flag will light up any area with ease, perfect for injecting a little Spanish spirit into your celebrations. At The Flag Shop, we have a variety of Spain bunting for sale to suit you, including traditional bunting in various lengths: 3m with 10 flags, 6m with 20 flags and 9m with 30 flags. Our bunting is made from quality polyester to ensure longevity and vibrant colours, held together by tough polyester string so your bunting remains sturdy and strong.

Buy Spain table flags from The Flag Shop

 Table flags are the ideal addition to any desk, adding a patriotic twist or splash of colour with ease. Whether you’re seeking the perfect dinner party decoration or maybe a new trinket for your desk at work, buy a Spain table flag to add the ultimate splash of yellow and red. At The Flag Shop, we have two Spain table flags for sale, including a budget Spain table flag made from polyester and mounted onto a plastic stand, or our high quality satin Spain table flag, which is made from satin and mounted onto a visually pleasing shiny metal stand. No matter what your budget, you’ll find a Spain table flag to suit you at

Spain car flags available

 If you’re looking to show your patriotic support on the move, you can buy a Spain car flag from Our car flags easily clip onto most cars, allowing your flag to wave in the wind with ease no matter where you’re travelling. Another great way to show support on the move are our Spain hand waving flags, which are perfect for standing out in a crowd, especially at parades, festivals and sporting events.

Other Spain flags for sale at

 As well as the main Spain flag, we also stock designs including; The Balearic Islands, Basque, The Canary Islands and more, each available in bunting, table flags, standard flags and more. No matter what flag you seek, you’ll find what you’re looking for at The Flag Shop – and you won’t be disappointed by the amazing quality and low prices either!