Plain Colours Table Flags

Host an event like no other with a cascade of great value colourful flags! The Flag Shop’s Plain Colours Table Flags will help you brighten up any room, business, or outdoor venue with a splash of different rainbow hues. With black, blue, green, orange, red, white, and yellow designs all printed in high-calibre inks, you’ve got everything you need to customise your workspace, decorate your party, or make your advertising stand out a mile from the crowd.

The Flag Shop’s Plain Colours Table Flags are beautifully high-contrast, top-quality durable wavers that perch conveniently on any windowsill, tabletop, desk, dashboard, reception, or dinner table for a fun, vibrant decoration that makes an impact. Crafted from tear-resistant 115 gsm knitted polyester and printed in full-resolution, photo-quality contrast using digital techniques, these great value wavers are designed to last. The Flag Shop’s weatherproof, colourfast professional dyes are designed to protect your flags from fading, bleaching, or running, meaning they’re ideal for any indoor or outdoor setup.

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Plain Colours Table Flags available at The Flag Shop

Stretch your decorating budget further with a splash of national colours on Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Royal events, Olympics events, and St. George’s Day. Combine our lively Budget Plain Red Table Flag and Budget White Table Flag to turn your lunch, service, or workplace into a burst of patriotic colours from the St George’s Cross, while enjoying The Flag Shop’s Multi-Buy Discount! Our Budget Plain Red Table Flags and Budget Plain White Table Flags are quick to assemble and install and measure 6 inches across by 4 inches high (10 cm by 15 cm). Simply choose your optional plastic stand and flag pole to set up your flag and fly it 12 inches or 30 cm above any surface, to add an instant Great British theme to your get-togethers, indoors or outside. And don’t forget to pair your red and white with our Budget Plain Blue Table Flags for all the colours of the Union Jack when you sit down to watch the Olympics!

All printed on durable woven 115 gsm polyester using high-resolution techniques for a crisp, long-lasting image, The Flag Shop’s Plain Colours Table Flags come in all rainbow hues - ideal for cheering on different houses at school sports events, or adding oomph to your advertising with low-cost decorating accessories! Choose from Budget Plain Green Table Flag to say go, Budget Plain Yellow Table Flag for an instant Easter theme, or The Flag Shop’s  Budget Plain Orange Table Flag for a splash of sunshine in your venue! All our Plain Colours Table Flags can be mixed and matched in your shopping basket for an instant discount on your order. All the more reason to decorate in rainbow colours...

Order The Flag Shop’s Plain Colours Table Flags in luxurious satin to give your event an elegant twist, on a budget! With our beautiful Satin Plain Red Table Flag, decorating is simple, classy, quick and cost-effective. These stunning tabletop wavers are printed using the same top-calibre digital printing techniques to ensure your image stays bright and bold on exposure to sunlight, and our colourfast dyes ensure no unwanted fading or running of your vivid red over time. These satin table flags are a slightly larger template for a bigger impact and more visual appeal, with a 9 x 6 inch (22 cm by 15 cm) flag template that stands on a telescoping, shiny chrome pole. 

Giving you all of the oomph for a brilliant price, these affordable yet luxurious-looking table flags make for excellent desktop accessories at work or school, placeholders at corporate dinners or business meetings, and pack away easily into even the smallest handbag. Available as a single flag for nifty, wall hangings in your business colours, with a flagpole for inserting into flowerpots, or with a flagpole and base for a complete setup on your celebration table, bar, market stall, expo stand, hotel reception, or in the window of your food truck! Unlike our budget Plain Table Flags, these stunning decorations have a telescoping pole that can be extended from 10 inches (or 25 cm) to 18 inches (45 cm). Perfect for indoors and outdoors, all our table flags can be delivered UK-wide at no cost to you for a stunning, simple decorating solution that will help you make an impact!