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Cheer on your favourite team with an exciting, bright show of support with The Flag Shop Sporting Events Bunting

Why not kick off your football match parties with some colour and life by decorating your home, garden, office, or classroom? The Flag Shop has durable, high-resolution sports bunting in a range of flag sizes and lengths for all the events that matter. 

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Sporting Events Bunting available at The Flag Shop

Our World Cup Bunting is specially designed for footy fans during game season and features all the flags of qualifying teams in vivid, weatherproof dyes on resilient polyester. We update our bunting each World Cup season with pennants for competing nations, and this fade-proof adornment measures 9.9 metres (33 feet) to showcase 32 world flags. Every national flag on this Sporting Events bunting measures 15 cm across and 23 cm for maximum impact and is crafted from knitted, high-quality polyester materials to last out of doors as well as inside.

For larger settings like shop fronts, town halls, stadiums, courtyards, club pitches and more, our Giant World Cup bunting is the best way to get fans into the spirit for kick off! Just like our World Cup Bunting, this bumper-size adornment includes all qualifying nation’s colourful ensigns - but in a bigger, bolder style at 45 cm  by 30 cm or 1 ft by 1.5 ft. Spanning 17.8 metres or 60 feet long, this polyester sports bunting works exceptionally as a themed decoration for parties, post match celebrations, and at big screen live viewings. Broadcasting the match live at your pub, bar, or community hall? This Giant World Cup bunting can be shipped directly to your UK address at discounted rates for bigger orders.

Save and celebrate with our Six Nations Rugby Sports Events Bunting and get your fellow rugby nuts in the mood before the season starts. The Flag Shop offers multi-buy discounts on this exceptionally priced, vividly dyed Rugby Bunting when you plan ahead and order in bulk! Six Nations Bunting includes a striking combination of all competing teams’ national pennants for sports bars, with rapid, free delivery. Featuring country flags for England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and Italy in exciting photo-quality prints on outdoor-grade polyester, this 6-metre or 20-foot bunting includes 18 flags with 3 from each national team. To say it louder and get your fans even more excited, order our Giant Six Nations Bunting, with 30 cm x 45 cm (12 inch x 18 inch) flags and 52 feet of colourful, themed fun!

The Flag Shop’s massive assortment of Sports Events Bunting includes 19.5 ft or 6-metre Yellow and White Checkered flag bunting for die-hard racing fans to decorate their venues in seasonal style. With 20 gorgeous 6 x 9 inch or 50 mm x 230 mm flags, this bunting is perfect for auto events such as the Grand Prix and more. String it in no time to decorate your venue along with our Blue and Yellow Chequered bunting, Purple & White Chequered Bunting, Green & White Chequered Bunting, Blue & White Chequered Bunting, or classic Black & White Chequered Bunting and get pulses racing as your favourite drivers compete for top spot! Ideal for turning your venue into a track side pit stop on the day of the big race.

Get ready for next year’s Euro 2020 to be held in 2021 with European Union Flag Bunting in a variety of 3-metre, 6-metre, or 9-metre lengths - or 9.8 ft, 19.5 ft or 30 ft strands. All our EU Sporting Events Bunting showcases polyester flags reinforced with hard-wearing polyester stitching for a longer life, and is printed in deep classic blue with crisp, clear yellow colours for the EU star logo on the front. Represent all competing teams or simply set the stage for this continental favourite event and show off 30 flags each 6 inches by 9 inches across, approximately 150 mm by 230 mm. All of our European Union Bunting can be shipped across the world, and The Flag Shop also offers fast, free mainland UK delivery. 

Shop for all your favourite flag products in one convenient place at The Flag Shop and get your home, business, office, school, town hall, or venue ready for the next Sports Event with our high-quality, great-value Sporting Bunting!