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The flag of New Zealand is similar to the flag of Australia, featuring a defaced blue ensign with a Union flag in the canton. This flag also features four red stars with white borders, representing the Southern Cross, an asterism within the Crux constellation. If you’re looking for a New Zealand flag for sale, The Flag Shop has a variety of sizes and styles for sale, ideal for any occasion.
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The New Zealand flag was adopted by the country as its official flag in 1902. It remains in place today after a 2016 referendum showed that the Kiwis wished to keep the attractive design flying high.

Now with the Flag Shop, you can proudly show off your heritage and support for the country with the New Zealand Flag 5ft x 3ft. This design is said to symbolise the realm, government and people of New Zealand with the royal blue background drawn from the Blue Squadron of the Royal Navy and featuring the stars of the Southern Cross. In addition, the flag also features the Union flag, paying tribute to the country’s history and it once being a British colony. This design is printed on quality polyester for vivid colour with two brass eyelets for hanging up securely on a wall. This stunning flag is also available in a larger 8ft x 5ft size and a smaller 3ft x 2ft size.

For having fun at home and decorating the streets for events or parades, we recommend New Zealand Bunting. It is available in 3, 6 and 9m sizes and features many New Zealand flags brightly printed on quality polyester and sewn onto a strong polyester tape to withstand the elements of British weather.

For a more portable version for flying at events and parades, the New Zealand Hand Waving Flag is perfect. It is lightweight enough for adults and children to enjoy and have fun, as well as still having an impact at gatherings. This waving flag measures 18 x 12 inches and is supplied with a sturdy wooden stick that measures 24 inches. The vivid colours are printed onto quality polyester for enjoying at events in years to come.

For colourful and patriotic displays at events, business meetings or even as a personal homage to the Kiwis, why not check out the New Zealand Table Budget Flag? The flag is made from polyester and measures 6 x 4 inches and even comes with a plastic stick and base. For a more luxurious addition, we recommend the New Zealand Table Satin Flag. It is made from high quality 100% satin material with the flag measuring 9 x 6 inches. A chrome stand is provided, as well as a chrome pole that is extendable from 10 inches to 18 inches, adjustable to any height. The design is printed on one side with 80% show through on the reverse.

Show your support for New Zealand and the All Blacks when it is game day with the New Zealand Black with Fern (All Blacks) Flag 5ft x 3ft. This Silver Fern flag design features a white silver fern across a black background and is popularly flown at the country’s national sporting events. This Flag Shop flag is made from polyester and comes complete with two metal eyelets for easy hanging. This design is also available in a larger 8ft x 5ft size for showing your pride, as well as a smaller New Zealand All Blacks 3ft x 2ft Flag you can easily place anywhere.

If you are going to a national sporting event or parade and want to support the Kiwis, we recommend the New Zealand All Blacks Hand Waving Flag. It comes complete with a wooden stick measuring 24 inches and the flag itself measures 18 x 12 inches, printed on quality polyester.

With the Flag Shop, become part of the celebrations and support New Zealand; go Kiwis!