Windsocks and Spinners

Keen to be seen? Happy to be snapped? Then why not get all eyes on your business, party, home, or event with The Flag Shop’s windsocks and spinners?

Crafted from gorgeous, durable materials and available in heaps of designs, our windsocks and spinners have never failed to light up a get-together with their bright colours and bold prints. Whether you’re in charge of advertising and promotion at your shop, or you want your party to be remembered forever, our windsocks and wind spinners are a fantastic way to inject some life into your venue. 

Perfect for outdoor use, windsocks and spinners are a quick, fool-proof, and affordable way to add some pep to your home, business, or party. Simply by attaching them to a flag pole of your choice, they can be displayed outside your shop front, in a back garden, or even alongside the route of a busy parade. Packing them up and transporting windsocks and wind spinners is as simple as setting them up, too, and just like all our other flags, these unique, attention-grabbing decorations can be used time and again.

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Windsocks and Spinners available at The Flag Shop

Our 60 cm Rainbow Turbo Spin Sock is a prime example. At 24 inches long, this classic is crafted from resilient ripstop nylon that’s well-suited for exposure to the sun, wind, and other elements. If you’re hoping to introduce a splash of colour to your backyard, porch, or garden, a 60 cm Rainbow Sock is a popular choice! These lively, spirit-lifting socks are also great markers at festivals - outside your tent - or on camping and caravan trips away, so you never get lost from the pack!

In The Flag Shop’s extensive selection of wind spinners and socks, you’ll also find these timeless, versatile favourites in other sizes. For more visibility, a longer 90 cm Rainbow Turbo Spin Sock will flutter further, while our 140 cm Rainbow Spin Sock is sure to turn heads at large, outdoor events. These all attach securely to our festival poles if you are out and about, and carried in style with a pocket flag pole bag and stake kit.

What if all the colours of the rainbow just won’t do? There’s no cuter, more hilarious way to get heard, seen, and remembered than with a fuzzy animal. That’s right - a fuzzy animal! Our sheep windsock is guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone who sees it, while standing out among the myriad other flags at a busy fair, festival, or expo. If you’ve got a stall to promote, a table to find, or a statement to loudly make, do it with a bleat while flying this adorable, fun windsock. With strong nylon weave and high-quality photo printing resolution, we at The Flag Shop have ensured your windsock won’t fade, tear, or tatter even if it rains. 

Loving the farm animals? Why not say it with a moo with our cow windsock, or an oink with our pig windsock? Or, create a menagerie by ordering them all - because we deliver straight to your doorstep and offer discount rates when you order your socks and spinners in bulk. If you’re overseas, we can ship to you to save you the stress of packing and handling, making life even more convenient.

During the festive season, we’re also here to help. When sleighbells are ringing, a Santa windsock is the ideal way to ramp up the Yuletide spirit even further. Get your customers, students, or party-goers in the mood to sing some carols with a Snowman windsock, and you’ll have your business remembered long after Christmas is over!

When you’re looking for the perfect flag, you’re sure to find it right here in our ample collection. The Flag Shop is your go-to online retailer for everything flag-related, and we’ve got a lot more in store besides our riveting socks and wind spinners. Browse our hand flags,,for example, if you’re headed to a parade, or check out our table flags if your office desk is looking a little bland. With so many World Flags, Celebration and Events Flags, Sporting Flags, and more, you’ll never be stuck without an ensign! 

So get ready, set, and waving with The Flag Shop today - there’s no excuse not to!