Flagpole Bags & Sleeves

What’s just as important as expressing yourself? Making sure you’re seen and heard! If you’ve picked out the perfect flag for that exciting event just around the corner, but don’t have everything that you need to wave and transport it, The Flag Shop is here to help!

Whatever event you’re attending, a creative, brightly-printed flag is the ideal way to get noticed. But for some, that means travelling a long way with a heavy flag flapping around before it’s ready to be seen! It can be enough to put anyone off, and it’s why we stock, sell, and deliver practical  flagpole bags and sleeves - a must-have accessory to go with any flag. 

If you’re attending an event away from home, our flagpole bags and sleeves come in different shapes and sizes to suit all purposes. Whether that’s storing a foldable flag for public transport, setting up an eye-catching wind-spinner at festivals, or ensuring that your flag stays tightly secured on a windy cliff-top, we’ve got the solution!

Set Ascending Direction
Set Ascending Direction

Flagpole Bags and SLeeves available at The Flag Shop

Our Flag Bungees are a secure, reliable way to secure your festival, national, or commemorative flags to a telescopic display pole for windsocks. By keeping them tightly fastened despite the wind, rain, or bustle of people, these flag bungees attach precisely to our flag poles, keeping everyone and their property around you safe. There’s nothing worse than chasing an errant flag as it flutters down the hillside, and with a pair of flag bungees, there’s no longer any need to worry about that.

For bigger, bulkier flags, it helps to have a foldable flag pole! These pack nicely, saving space and keeping your luggage compact if you’re on the go. When it comes to storing telescoping flag poles, a telescoping pole bag can significantly reduce the hassle and cost of transporting even further, providing a simple way to carry and move your ensigns around from place to place - or party to party. At 125 cm in length, these telescoping pole bags are made from heavy-grade nylon, which both protects your flag parts and everything else surrounding it in your luggage, or on the go. Like all our other flagpole bags and sleeves, it’s designed to make celebrating, commemorating, or simply making a statement much easier. For that reason, we even ship your telescoping pole bag to your doorstep as part of your order!

You’ll also find excellent, top-quality flag pole sleeves for any event where multiple flags will get you seen and snapped! Your choice of 5-metre or 6-metre flagpole sleeve will depend only on how many flags you’d like to display at one time - so how loud would you like to say it? Both designed to optimise your impact by making you all the more eye-catching, The Flag Shop’s flag pole sleeves allow you to flutter up to 6 or 7 flags simultaneously. Equally spaced attachment points keep your flags looking neat and gorgeous, while giving you full control of the spinners, windsocks, or banners you want to display. 

We at The Flag Shop have been crafting, printing, and shipping quality flags all over the world for years, and we have a huge assortment of amazingly vibrant flags to suit every occasion. Whether you’re shopping for a hand flag for a rally, or you’re after a table flag for the office, we offer a diverse catalogue to choose from! With sleek satin flags, nylon outdoor flags, standard durable polyester flags, and more - all in a gigantic selection of sizes - we have something to make every venue, party-goer, or business stand out and stay that way!

Our high-quality flags can also be tailored to suit your custom context, too! If you’re searching for a way to express yourself creatively, The Flag Shop offers Custom Flags that are versatile and professionally printed. Using photo-resolution printing and high-quality polyester, you can create your own Customised bunting, giant flag, or car flag using our templates in a few clicks of a button - so you can use that flagpole bag or sleeve time and again, no matter what event you’re attending.

Why not take a look at our football club flags or world flags while you’re browsing our flagpole bags and flagpole sleeves today?