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The flag of South Africa is one of the most intricate flag designs. First adopted in 1994, this flag contains a wide variety of colours based around a ‘Y’ shaped stripe design. If you’re looking to buy a South African flag, The Flag Shop have a wide range of flags for sale, including; South Africa flags, bunting and hand waving flags - discover our range of South Africa flags today.
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The flag of South Africa was made official on the 27th April 1994 and is currently the country’s national flag that symbolises the unity of all groups. It features red, white and blue from the Boer Republic, as well as yellow, black and green from the African National Congress flag. It is said that the black is used to symbolise the people, the green represents the fertility of the land and the gold is for the mineral wealth of the country. Now with The Flag Shop, you can fly the ‘rainbow’ flag and show your support for this great nation. Our South African Flag is made from quality polyester with two brass eyelets for easy hanging. For a more hardwearing option, we also have a South Africa Nylon Flag, which is made from 210 denier nylon fabric that shows the rainbow of colours beautifully.

If you are having an event, business meeting or just want to decorate your desk at work, why not check out our South Africa Table Flag Budget? Featuring the current flag of South Africa (6 x 4 inches), it is supplied with a plastic stick and base, which makes an eye-catching decoration or display on a table and desk. For a luxury design, we recommend our South Africa Table Satin Flag. This accessory is made from 100% satin quality material and printed on one side with 80% show through on the reverse. It is also supplied with an extendable chrome pole and stand to make the perfect homage to South Africa.

If you would like to proudly fly the flag for South Africa at events, parades or even at parties in your hometown, we recommend our South Africa Bunting. It is available in 3, 6 and 9-metre lengths with several polyester flags sewn onto strong polyester tape, which is great for outdoor use. For all of the family to enjoy at parades or gatherings, the South African Hand Waving Flag is lightweight, portable and fun to use. It comes with a sturdy woody stick to hold and everyone of all ages can join in the event and have a great time.

At The Flag Shop, we also offer the South Africa 1928-1994 Flag 5ft x 3ft. This was the flag of South Africa from 1928 to 1994, which has three horizontal strips of orange, white and blue. This was originally based on the royal tricolours of the Netherlands. The White strip features the Union flag, Orange Free State flag in the centre and the flag of Transvaal on the right. This national flag is commonly known as the Oranje- blanje-blou flag and it is printed on quality polyester for a striking design with two metal eyelets for easy hanging anywhere you desire. It is also available in a more portable and smaller 3x2 size, which is also printed with vivid colours on quality polyester.

In addition, the South Africa (Old) Table Flag makes a great decoration and accessory for events, gatherings and as a personal desk tribute to South Africa. The flag measures 6 x 4 inches and is supplied with a plastic stick and base standing 12 inches high. This accessory can be used with or without the base. What better way to support South Africa?

Show your support and pride in South Africa with The Flag Shop, your number one supplier of flags for every occasion!