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African flags for sale at

Africa, the world’s second largest and most populous continent, is home to a large diversity of ethnicities, cultures and languages. Each country is symbolic and recognisable in their own way, with a flag to show off how proud they are of their country. At The Flag Shop, we have a massive range of African flags available; no matter what country or size you seek, we will have a high quality flag to suit you.

A massive part of Africa’s history goes to Ancient Egypt; one of the world’s earliest and longest lasting civilisations. Although Pharaohs and Mummies are a thing of the past; Egypt is still one of Africa’s most popular countries for locals and tourists alike. The Egyptian flag is recognisable straight away, due to its red, black and white tricolour design topped off with the Eagle of Saladin in the centre. The vivid colours of the Egyptian flag looks even better in our high quality fabrics, which make the colours pop. From table flags to bunting, you won’t be disappointed by the longevity and minimal fraying of our flags.

Algeria is Africa’s largest country; adopting their national flag in 1962. The Algeria flag is noticeable and deep, with intriguing hidden meanings making it more interesting. The white represents peace while the green represents the beauty of nature - the star and crescent emblem also represents Islam. We have a massive range of Algeria flags in stock, from bunting to hand waving flags, you won’t be disappointed by the quality of Flag Shop flags.

Nigeria has the largest population in the African continent, adopting their country’s flag in 1960. The vivid green and white represents peace, unity and fertile land. At the Flag Shop, we have a range of Nigerian flags for sale. No matter what size you require, we will have a product for you. All of our standard flags contain two brass eyelets so you can hang your flag wherever you please - and like all of our other products, you know our high quality materials mean your flag will last the test of time.

Morocco, a popular holiday spot for us Brits, has a popular and iconic flag, recognisable for its vivid red background and green pentagram centre. The Solomon’s Seall flag is a Flag Shop bestseller, as the high quality fabrics make the bright colours really stand out. Adopted in 1915, this flag is still flying high over 100 years later. We stock the Moroccan flag in a range of sizes; from 3ft x 2ft to table flags made from satin, there’s a huge range for you to pick and choose from.

Another one of our popular African flags is Niger, which was first adopted in 1959. The orange, white and green of the flag are the country’s national colours with the orange circle in the centre representing the sun. The vivid colours will shine for years on our high quality polyester, which guarantees minimal fading and fraying. This popular African flag is available in many sizes, so no matter how big or small you need your flag, The Flag Shop is here to help.

Adopted in 1966, the Botswana flag is a best seller. The light blue on the design represents rain, while the black and white stripes connote racial harmony as well as the zebra on their coat of arms. Available individually in various sizes or part of a Commonwealth bunting set, you can fly the flag with pride at Commonwealth events, or just to show support for your country. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small satin table flag or a standard yet popular 5ft x 3ft flag - we’ll be here for you no matter what you flag query is.

All of our flags at The Flag Shop are crafted from the highest quality materials so you get as much use as possible out of your flag. Our flags aren’t just high quality, they’re also cheap, beating competitor’s prices hands down! No matter which African flag you’re looking for, we hope you find it in our huge selection of world flags.

Whether it’s Mali, Nambia, Mozambique, Libya or Madagascar, we’ll have a flag, table decoration or bunting set to suit you...