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South America

South America

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South America flags for sale at

South America, home to the giant Amazon rainforest and excitingly vibrant cities such as Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro; this continent jam packed full of adventure and natural beauty, as well as a whole host of iconic flags…From forests to mountains, bright cities to the Amazon river, these unique environments and ecosystems make up one of the most vibrant continents in the world.  

Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil, is hosting the Olympic games in 2016. What better excuse to buy a flag for this great nation, or to invest in one of our Olympic flag packs!

However, if it’s not the Olympics that bring you to Brazil, maybe it’s their world class football team, or just their amazing cities and cultures. The Brazilian flag is one of the most identifiable in the world, the vibrant colours make it stand out from the rest. The Brazil flag has been flying high since 1889 and the vivid mix of green and yellow in the design represent both the forest and wealth, with the blue circle standing for the vast skies over Brazil. Our high quality polyester materials are great for capturing the vibrancy of flags like these.

It’s not only Brazil who are instantly recognisable for their world class football team - The Argentine flag is also famous for its links to the country’s team. The Argentina flag comprises of three horizontal stripes, two being sky blue, with a Sun of May emblem in the centre. The flag was first adopted in 1812, with the yellow sun being added a few years later in 1818. We have Argentine flags available in a various range of sizes; starting with bunting all the way up to 8ft x 5ft sizes, all perfect for showing your pride for the country or to show your support at upcoming football tournaments. Either way, due to the amazing quality of The Flag Shop products, you’ll be able to show your support for years to come, with no signs or fraying or fading!

A design similar to Argentina is the Uruguay flag - both contain the iconic sun emblem, however, the Uruguay flag is more detailed, nine vertical stripes of blue and white. Although it’s the second smallest nation in South America, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show your support for this great nation. Similar to both Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay are also famed for their football team. Although the World Cup is way off, why not consider buying one of our Uruguay hand waving flags in the meantime - we guarantee the quality of our flags will maintain the vivid colours of this amazing flag for years to come.

Paraguay, a country renowned for its natural resources, is home to the world’s largest drinking reservoir, and it’s very own iconic flag. The Paraguay flag has a red, white and blue design with a treasury seal and Star of May in the centre, making it instantly recognisable. The treasury seal in the centre depicts peace and justice, while the Star of May represents freedom. Adopted in 1842, this flag is still as recognisable to this day - at The Flag Shop, we have many variations and sizes of the Paraguay flag for you to chose from. Whether it’s a satin table flag or maybe some bunting, you won’t be disappointed by the quality and cost of our flags.

Chile, the long narrow corridor that runs down the side of South America, is another one of the continent's most famous countries. The Chile flag is instantly recognisable - adopted in 1817, the flag contains a white guiding star, backed onto blue which represents the sky. The red, white and blue colouration is perfectly presented on our high quality fabrics. At The Flag Shop, we stock the Chile flag is various sizes and styles, ranging from humble handle waving flags to giant 8ft x 5ft designs.

No matter which country in South America you want to represent, here at The Flag Shop, we will stock a flag to suit you. It doesn’t matter where in South America, we stock everything from; Ecuador to Bolivia, Colombia to Peru, you won’t be disappointed by our extensive range of South American flags. Although our prices are cheaper than our competitor’s, you won’t have to sacrifice quality!