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Canadian provinces flags by UK Flag shop. We have a gret range of Canadia province flags to buy, so get your Canadian provinces flags here. Our range includes the Quebec flag, Ontario flag and Alberta flag, Nova Scotia, British Columbia and Saskatchewan flag, plus many more Canadian province flags.
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Canada, renowned for it’s vast amounts of natural scenery, is a huge country divided into provinces, as opposed to the states of America. Each province has a unique and identifiable flag which portrays the area's history and culture with a simple yet stunning design… From Quebec to Ontario and British Columbia, we stock a huge range of Canadian flags, perfect for anyone who’s patriotic about this great country.

One of the most identifiable Canadian provinces is British Columbia, which is Canada’s westernmost province. Home to the huge nature area Glacier National Park, this is one beautiful place. The flag of British Columbia is also an interesting design, featuring the Union Jack with a large half sun emblem at the bottom, topped with wavy blue and white lines. The sun represents that fact this is the westernmost state, with a crown in the Union Jack to represent the Canadian royal family. This bright and vibrant design is perfect printed onto high quality polyester, as this hard wearing and durable material ideal for flags.

Another popular Canadian province flag is the Quebec flag, which was first adopted in 1948. The flag itself honours the Virgin Mary; the white fleurs-de-lis are symbols of purity, backed onto a field of blue to represent heaven. Quebec is the second most populous province in Canada, bordering many US states, including Vermont and New York. The flag now flies high off many government buildings in Quebec, making it a true representation of the province.

The Ontario Flag is another iconic Canadian design… Known as Canada’s most populous province due to homing more than 40% of people, Ontario also houses two of Canada’s biggest cities; Ottawa and Toronto. The Ontario flag is a vibrant design, consisting of a bright red backing, the shield of arms and a Union Flag in the top left corner. Adopted in 1965, this flag is relatively you, but the bright and vibrant colours look great printed onto high quality polyester. At The Flag Shop, we currently stock the Ontario design in the 5 x 3ft design, perfect for all kinds of uses.

We stock a wide range of Canadian province flags, including; Montreal, Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and many others...

At The Flag Shop, we pride ourselves on providing you with the best products for the lowest prices. Everyone one of our Canadian Province flags are made from the highest quality polyester to guarantee you get your money’s worth out of your flag.