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French Provinces

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High Quality French flags for sale at

France is one of Europe’s most cultured countries, packed full of medieval cities, alpine villages and Mediterranean beaches. Home to several different provinces, including the capital city of Paris which is famed for its range of classic art museums, the Eiffel Tower and a whole host of sophisticated cuisine, France is one amazing country… Each unique province is represented by its own flag, similar to how we in the UK have individual flags for each of our counties. At The Flag Shop, we have a range of French province flag on sale, including; Saxony, Brittany, Normandy and Corsica. Buy French province flags from The Flag Shop!

Normandy, a region in north-western France, has one of the most iconic flags in the country. The vibrant red and yellow design is instantly recognisable due to the two lions, which also feature on the coat of arms. The original design has been attributed to William the Conquer, which dates back to the 12th century. If you’re looking to buy a Normandy flag, we have both 5 x 3ft flags and table flags on offer to suit your needs.

Savoy is a region in southeast France, famed for being cultured. It’s an area shared between France, Italy and Switzerland due to where it falls on the border, but since 1792, it has been annexed to France. The flag of Savoy is a simple design, comprising of a white cross on a red field, similar to that of Switzerland and Denmark. At the Flag Shop, we currently stock Savoy flags in 5 x 3ft designs, as well as table flags. The vivid red colouring looks great on highest quality polyester, giving you a great flag without breaking the bank.

Paris is the capital of France, a city bursting to the brim with art, culture and fashion. Like many other French provinces, Paris also have their own flag. The design is split into two halves, one red and one blue with the city’s coat of arms in the centre. The Paris coat of arms is a sophisticated design which looks great printed onto the vivid background colours.  

All of our French province flags are great for anyone who loves the country; whether it’s Burgundy, Aquitaine, Champagne Ardenne or Poitou, all of our flags are guaranteed to please, giving you the ultimate quality for the money you spend.No matter which French flag you want, buy France flags from The Flag Shop for unbeatable quality and prices.

For all your flag needs, look no further than The Flag Shop!