War flags past and present at UK Flag Shop. We have a great range of military flags available to buy online including ensign of the RAF and British Royal Navy flag, available in sizes three feet, five feet and eight feet. Also available a great range of historical flags, including historical ensigns and Royal Banners, and US military including the US Army flag and US Air Force flags. A small range of our military designs are also available as bunting and hand wavers.
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Buy quality Military flags at

The Flag Shop is the country’s top stockist of quality flags with a large and varied collection of military flags from across the world. We provide flags that are made of a quality polyester or nylon material in designs committed to the past and present armed forces, as well as those commemorating historical events. We also have a range of car, table and hand flags and military bunting available in different sizes. With our search function online, you can quickly and easily find division regiments, commemorative events and national flags, in addition to choosing a price that suits your budget.

At the Flag Shop, we believe in quality products at fantastic prices. That’s why our prices are clear with no hidden costs. We also deliver worldwide and offer free delivery within the United Kingdom, aiming to dispatch orders within 48 hours. Our attentive team are always on hand to answer any questions.

At the Flag Shop, we have a great collection of military flags for sale that recognise the Armed forces from many nations, past and present. We stock 141 standard flags from the United Kingdom, Australia, The USA and Russia, saluting many different division regiments and historical military. Sizes vary between 3ft x 2ft, 5ft x 3ft and 8ft x 5ft with most flags made from a quality polyester or nylon material. Whether you are looking for a Russian Naval ensign or British Army Flag, or want a decorative piece as a tribute to the Battle of the Somme or remembrance of the Alamo, our military flags for sale will suit any event.

Show your respect to the armed forces of the past and present with our range of military bunting. You can buy military flags to hang from doors, hallways or even in the street to welcome home soldiers or recognise special military anniversaries. All of our bunting is designed with polyester to be lightweight and easy to handle. We stock military bunting as a decoration with a large collection of British military flags for sale, as well as for the Australian military. Our military bunting recognises many division regiments and can be ordered in lengths of 3, 6, 9, 12 and 22 metres. Each flag measures around 6 x 9 inches, with 3 metres of bunting having approximately 10 flags and 9 metres with 30 flags. So, whether you are showing your support for British Armed Forces Day with our Armed Forces Day flag bunting or celebrating National Australia Day with our Australian Navy ensign bunting, we have something for everyone at the Flag Shop. 

At the Flag Shop, we also sell military car flags that make an eye-catching accessory for your vehicle. Each military flag measures 16 x 10 inches and is printed onto a quality polyester material and is attached to a sturdy plastic mast with a clip to attach it to your car window. This allows your military flag to wave proudly as you drive around your hometown.

Our military table flags add a colourful display to any surface; whether it be a business meeting, conference, social event or just as a personal desk decoration. Show your support for the British troops with our British Army or RAF table flags, made of a 100% quality satin material attached to a chrome stand. Each flag measures 9 x 6 inches with designs printed on one side with approximately 80% show through on the reverse. The stand is also supplied with an extendable chrome pole, which extends from 10 inches to 18 inches. The military flags can be drawn to any height between this to make the perfect decoration.

The Flag Shop stocks military hand flags that are made of a high quality polyester material with a wooden stick to wave your division regiment proudly. These hand flags are lightweight and designed with vivid colours, representing the British Army, RAF, Royal Marines and the Royal Navy, as well as our Lest We Forget hand flag; perfect for military events, national days and parades. There is also a British Armed Forces hang flag pack available for all your flag waving needs. Each flag measures approximately 18 x 12 inches, whilst the wooden stick measures 24 inches.

With our large collection of military flags for sale, there is something to suit everyone and every occasion at the Flag Shop. Moreover, we guarantee quality products at great prices with an efficient delivery service to bring your military flags to your door.

Through the Flag Shop, you can buy military flags online today. What are you waiting for?