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Nylon Flags

Nylon Flags

Nylon flags are hard wearing outdoor flags made from 210 denier fabric, (148g/m2). If you are looking for an outdoor flag for long term use, these great value flags are dye printed which makes them colourfast, double stitched all around with four rows of stitching on the fly. Each hanging flag comes complete with two brass eyelets / grommets for hanging from a flagpole. Included in this great range of outside flags are the Union Jack, Ireland and a nylon US flag. The Flag Shop is the place to buy your outdoor flags.

31 Item(s)

31 Item(s)

Nylon flags are ideal material for creating flags that last outdoors |

Nylon is an ideal material for creating flags that last outdoors; resilient to insects, fungi, mold, mildew and moss, this durable material is also abrasion resistant, strong and has better weathering properties than other traditional flag materials…

At The Flag Shop, we have a wide range of nylon flags available from a range of countries around the world. If you’re looking for a flag that will survive outdoors, our range of nylon flags will suit you.

We have a range of nylon country flags for sale, including France, Italy, Germany, India and England. Nylon flags are great for taking to football matches, as well as flying high from home flagpoles. If you’re looking for a hardwearing outdoor flag, a nylon flag is the ideal choice.

If you’re looking for a nylon English county flag, we have a wide range in stock. In the War of the Roses, who will you choose; a nylon Lancashire flag or a nylon Yorkshire flag? Both flags are great for outdoor use due to being made from a tough, resilient nylon material. If you’re looking for a tough flag that will survive the great British weather with ease, nylon flags are number one.

We also stock nylon Cornwall flags and nylon Devon flags for those who live and love the south of England. The strong stitching and tough nylon material make these flags extra resilient, ideal for surviving coastal weather.

Nylon British Isles flags are available, extra strong to help them survive tough British weather conditions. We sell the Union Jack made from nylon, as this iconic flag is often seen flying high from garden flag poles across the country. Nylon is an extra resilient material, so no matter how bad the weather, the durability of nylon will ensure minimum fraying and fading. 

We also stock the nylon Scotland flag which is double stitched all around and dyed a dark shade of navy blue for long lasting colour and durability.  The bright green, white and orange of the Ireland flag look great in Nylon as the vibrant colours show no signs of fading, no matter if it’s kept indoors or outdoors. The same applies to the Wales flag made from nylon, as the bright colours show no signs of fading when kept outdoors, thanks to the immense strength and durability of the nylon fabric and double stitched edging. If you’re looking for an England flag to fly high with pride from your garden, consider a nylon England flag to guarantee long lasting colour.

Pride is a massive annual event, held in cities across the UK each year. If you’re a regular attender of these landmark festivals, why not consider a nylon Gay Pride Rainbow flag? The bright rainbow colours won’t fade or fray, so if the weather at your Pride event lets you down, your flag definitely won’t. The tough resilience of nylon means your flag is designed for outdoor use, so you’ll be able to wave it at events for years to come.

We also stock nylon flags for some of the world’s biggest countries; Australia nylon flags and the nylon American flag are amongst some of The Flag Shop's best sellers. Other nylon country flags include the South Africa nylon flag, the nylon Pakistan flag, the Switzerland nylon flag and the Spanish flag in nylon.

No matter which flag design you’re seeking, if you’re looking for it to live out its life outdoors, nylon is the strongest flag material on the market; guaranteed to last without any signs of fraying or fading, meaning you can express your passion and patriotism for many years ahead.